WORLD'S SMARTEST HELMET!? Ride & Communicate with your friends! SENA R1 EVO

what's up guys welcome back to my cycling youtube channel today i am with lex outbreak she's a professional cyclist for about eight years now and we are going over t here was really cool helmets from cena they're called the r1 evo likes to tell me more about these elements yeah this is a really cool cycling helmet if you take a look here you'll notice that there are three buttons on the side and here we have some speakers that are integrated into the helmet as well as a microphone so these speakers allow us to listen to music by when we connect the helmet to bluetooth with a cell phone you can put gps directions on your phone and then hear them through your helmet as well so you don't have to pull out the helmet every time you're going to take a turn you can also take phone calls people call me and they don't even know that i'm riding my bike when i talk it's amazing yeah that is really amazing and another really cool thing is you can connect these helmets together so if you're wearing yours and i'm wearing mine and other people in our group are wearing them as well we can talk together and we don't need to shout over the wind noise that's insane narrow shoulder or there's traffic coming we can just continue our conversation and it's a lot more safe you can call potholes without just pointing and then leaving your hand from the handlebar so that's a lot more safe a lot more enjoyable for everyone santa actually has the roots in the motorcycling industry so i've been using cena for years and years on my motorcycle helmets and in cycling we do a lot of motor pacing for training for races it's good for leg speed and stuff so when i'm motor pacing behind my coach on the motorcycle he has one of these this is a sena f50s communication system and it can actually link up with my helmet too so instead of like making hand signals or me making a suffer face to tell him to slow down as he sees me in the rearview mirror we can actually communicate between our two helmets so it's really neat that cena's technology works across the two disciplines another cool thing i start right away with this helmet is the integrated led from the back it's super cool to have an integrated light because for people like me who are super concerned about safety but who always forget to put their lights on their bike you always have it with me because i never forget where my room is all right this is it for this quick video about the sienna helmet i'm just gonna leave a few action shots that we filmed today for a commercial connected [Music] [Applause] what's the workout plan for today motor basing needs at the gymnast okay i got it it would be really hard so make sure you recover well behind the motorbike okay let's do this okay legs get ready for the sprint three two one go get back behind the motorcycle and get ready for the next one that was a good one i think i got one more in [Music] pascal that was a great workout you're ready to race [Music] connected all right can you guys hear me yes we can turn right up here guys guys let's do 100 miles today watch out the road's a little rough here hey guys let's single up everybody's still there sounds good awesome come on guys you're so slow thanks [Music] where are we going to ride tomorrow niche intercom off alex thank you so much for this introduction about the senior element where can people find you on internet all over social media my handle is at lex underscore all direct or lex thank you guys for watching and i'll see you guys on the road or into the next [Music] video

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