WINSPACE HYPER WHEELS REVIEW - Hambini & Peak Torque & China Cycling Follow-up!

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the hype around those wheels are now through the roof thanks to ambini torque peak and china cycling's youtube channel in today's though i'll take a deeper look at the hyper wheels from [Music] windspace [Music] what's up guys my name is charles and welcome back to my cycling youtube channel in my last win space video a few people called me out for being biased i'm free to say whatever i want about win space they do not approve those video before they come on all i'm sharing is a 10 discount code for you guys and i did mention every single time that i do receive a kickback from you guys using that discount code does this makes me biased about a product hell no i'm free to ride whatever i want i have access to a lot of bikes thanks to cycling avenue they have a bunch of road bikes for me to use but i decide to ride the wind space because i freaking love that bike and those wheels all right well now that this camera out of the way let's start this video i mean it's already started for like maybe like a minute but you get the point prior to my hyper wheels i had nvs for those who know envy wheels they are the gold standard of high quality wheel they're fast they're stiff they're aero they're stylish especially stylish but the the set also costs around 3 000 usd dollar which is unreal thinking that bike is already super expensive and just dropping that kind of money on a wheel set that you might crash in a in a race or in a bad accident because of potholes or pavement is it really worth it i don't think so i kind of regretted my purchase last year when i bought the nvs even if i had a really good team deal they came up so expensive was i happy with the wheel absolutely was my wallet happy about it not at all and i fully understand everyone who's looking for a high quality product while being on a budget here with the wind space wheels retailing at 990 usd you're getting so much performance for the value at 50 millimeters deep and 1425 grams those wheels are the perfect blend of aero and lightness using aero profile carbon spokes it makes it so much reactive to short burst of power you feel your power being directly transferred to the ground without any dealing when i got back to wheels with aluminum spokes i felt that there was this slightly delay when you start to push heavy power it's like if the hub is moving slightly because of the spokes or bending a little bit this is not the case with carbon spokes the power from your legs goes straight to the pedals and then straight to the drivetrain and then straight to the ground and just feel a lot better when you just want to give a little kick i've been using clincher tires for the last of three thousand kilometer and had barely any flats just like at the end when my tire was done i had to change it but yesterday i actually just put my tire on tubeless for the first time so i will be doing a full video about my tubeless experience using the wind space wheel so you want to subscribe to stay tuned to that one thing i like about the wheels is that i am now 3000 kilometer in and it does feel just like day one the wheel is still super stiff there's no disc brake rubbing after a whole season i've heard a lot of people complaining about their disc wheel getting soft and that as soon as you were standing up on the bike the disc was touching or was rubbing with the caliper this is not something that happened to me in all those kilometers and i'm really looking forward to uh go on to like 10 000 kilometer and 15 000 kilometers on those wheels and i'm confident that they will hold up one thing you have to keep in mind if you are ordering those wheels is that since they're coming from china uh there might be some custom fees so do budget an extra 50 to 100 in my case it cost me 70 canadian dollars so that's around 45 50 usd for the custom fees one problem i had with those wheels is that two of my rear spokes started to rub against each other it was causing this sound that was a little bit annoying i brought it to my shop and the mechanics find out the issue because i didn't know where the sound was coming from what was happening is that with the pressure the two spokes were just slightly rubbing on each other to solve that issue the mechanics simply put chain lube in between the spokes and the sound disappeared he also told me that if this happened again i can put a tiny ass really small tie wrap i've read online about this issue and that's something that can happen with any wheels it's something to keep in mind but there were two easy fix we also need to talk about the style i personally think that those wheels are looking so good the finish on it is perfect a lot of people have been looking at my bike and were like wow those wheels are really amazing i also want to mention that i really like the hub that came with the wheel it used really large ceramic bearings to minimize the friction and the sound looks good looks good the sound sounds good to my hair personally since they're using unique carbon spokes they had to re-engineer a whole hub from the ground up so this is why they designed this hub with three things in mind reliability because that is probably the most important you don't want a hub that fails you lightweight because every grams of saving is a must in cycling and efficiency you don't want a hub that slows you down and this hub absolutely doesn't and i personally think that it's good enough for me as a cat 1 racer and probably for a world tour racer it would have been nice to see those wheels on the tour de france but i guess that might have cost a lot of money for the brands to sponsor teams and if they have to pay for providers then they have to raise the price of the wheels since we're in space are not on the tour de france yet well their prices are still really low alright so here is a closer look at my hyper wheels as you can see here i have the tubeless valve that came with the wheels so which this is really nice with my wheels i have the early 2020 version so just stick your ears on top of the finish of the wheel i think if you're buying now the new wind space the sticker is under the last coating so it's gonna look a lot nicer but three thousand kilometer in and all my stickers still look really good really premium it did not come out at all so those wheels are paired with continental gp 5000 tubeless i haven't tried them yet as i mentioned i'll be doing a new video about them really soon and for the rest of my build gold chain windspace t 1500 ceramic um it's really nice low friction it's not much i can say about the wheels so a few people ask me for more detailed breakdown about the engineering the manufacturing process and it's not really something i'm into for my youtube channel i'm a cat one racer despite the fact that i am an engineer as you can see here i have this little ring in canada engineers have those ring but i'm i.t engineer so i don't know much about mechanics and build and carbon fiber so i'm not the guy to tell you about all that information you should head over to channels like torque peak and bini they both did an overview about the wind space wheel so they might have more clever information than i can provide you guys with but for more racing experience and feedback i think i'm a little bit more uh at the right place to tell you guys that those wheels are really good in overall i recommend those wheels at anyone who's looking at the cost-effective way to go faster we all know it wheels are probably the best upgrades you can buy for your bike so if you're in the market for new wheels definitely check the windspace website for more details if you end up buying the wheels please don't forget to use my promo code charleswomat10 at checkout it's going to give you a 10 discount i'll be receiving a kickback from that sale so it's going to fund this youtube channel for me to go a full-time cyclist just a 10 off it's it's like free money for you to buy uh you can buy something else after that you can buy a aero bar you can buy new bar tape you can buy new tires tubeless tires with that discount code and if you like this video please please please please leave a thumbs up it's always really appreciated and it does makes a difference for me to get noticed on youtube and subscribe if you aren't already i have a lot more cycling content coming in the next few weeks then you don't want to mess up all right my name is charles and i'll see you guys on the road or into the next video peace [Music] you

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