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[Music] what's up guys welcome back to another cycling youtube video here's a question for you there's a girlfriend as a cheap specialized dolce like this one really or any low end bike and she's been killing it lately and you want her to go faster you want her to follow you on your wheel in today's video i'm going to show you the cheapest bike upgrade for her and uh you should do it too all right let's have a look at the bike so it's a specialized dolce maybe like a 2018 size 44 in shimano claris here in the back so it's um nine speed uh the brake is tektron it's super cheap they're barely working definitely not recommend those brakes and she's been really good lately she's done a few 100k rides and um she needs a new one so i'm going to take a few photos of the bike i'm going to put them on kijiji and facebook marketplace for like 900 that is really expensive for a used bike but from what i've heard is every bike shop has no stock right now especially in 44s so we're just gonna rise up the price and i'm sure we're gonna sell it in like a day or two [Music] so let me show you guys what i'm gonna use to build this bike so i use this old autograph group set that was on a bike that i'm not using anymore and i just decided to swap the parts to this brand new frame so i just came back from ibike and i asked them to install the bottom bracket because i obviously don't have the tool and felix helped me with like the cable so they uh he already routed some cables so i know which one goes where i've never built a bike in my life i've done some basic mechanics before and i'm super excited i have been watching youtube tutorials for the last uh last few hours right before getting everything i think i have all the tools i need and i think i'll be able to do it [Music] just putting this guy on youtube that's nightmare the integrated bar is hard i need to pass the hose to this goddamn building your bike is harder than i thought but i'm gonna get there it's gonna take a lot of hours but i'm gonna get there [Music] so it's been a few hours and i'm i think i'm mostly done to the extent of my knowledge so i'm gonna bring it to someone who knows best but uh let me show you guys where i'm at with the build shifters are is working here the brake is working but the shifter is not working i also have a problem to fix this gap i don't know how i'll need someone and i need to find a chainsay direct mount break that goes right there [Music] so time to go to sleep tomorrow i'll try to find a break hopefully we'll be up and running for this weekend it's a mess it's mine is your video that's the point we're cute together yes very still very stoked huh we're gonna go ready today yes but i think charles is gonna torture me torture you yes because i have a new bike he's gonna ask me to go extra extra fast i'm not that excited about that hi gab are you happy with it the color is pretty okay can you go for a go for a first pin now there's a there's two bricks okay [Music] does it work well i think so let's go on a real ride 100k yes all right [Music] first ride with the wind space gaba was it it was great it was great i was a different than your old dolce i feel like i was going faster a lot faster yes easier on the climbs yes better shifting one of the real difference the shifting yeah why gab you did not give a name to your bike how do you call it i'm not sure yet i describe the color is nightlab because it's blue and purple it looks mysterious it looks sexy i like [Music] it [Music] all right this is it for today's video if you are interested into the windspace t15 urgent d for either you or your girlfriend as a bike upgrade check out their website i'm going to leave a discount code in the description down below it's charles wim at 10 for 10 off so that's like 150 off the frame and you can get the wheels the bar too they're also really nice so i built this bike with spare parts handling in my house so it's shimano altigra front and back aisles i also have the wheels and the tires and the tubes and the pro cell saddle for this build this full build costs less than two thousand dollar and it's really amazing for the price and you should get one for your girlfriend too all right so don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel i have a lot more cycling content coming in next few weeks and until then my name is charles i'll see you guys on the road or into the next video this bike is so small i think i'm gonna race a crit on this should i race a crit on this bike gab no it's mine no don't steal my sexy thing okay all right see you guys

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