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today is new bike day thanks to cycling Avenue what's up guys my name is Charles I'm a cyclist and professional photographer and in today's video we're gonna go over this big box what's inside of it and where does it come from right when we open this box we are greeted with a nice little message here with all the instruction and out to assemble the bike right away I can see that the bike has been really well packed everything is a cushion with foam paper tie wraps looks like holding everything down together nicely so the bike doesn't get damaged in the transfer and it just seems to be a bunch of accessories that's really nice next time the whole bike wants to be tire wrapped together with the wheels alright so that's their packing job as you can see from this camera it's really a really nice job that they've done everything is secured everything seems to be intact so it doesn't get damaged during the transport I really like the fact that the derailleur is already on and it seems to me that I'll be up and running in five or ten minutes maximum unless you put everything back in the box it's just time to either keep the box for your next flight or to just put it in the recycle alright it's now time to take all the tire reps away a quick tip be careful with the paint of your bike using a knife to cut the tie wraps always point the blade away from the frame so you don't scratch your bike on the first day turns out it might be better with every duty scissors than to use a knife Ali recommend at this point I'm just gonna grab a bike stands and be a lot easier to build a bike up if you don't have a bike stand you can always use I don't know I don't find a way but bike stands are super cheap it's like hundred-dollar alright here's the bike I went for it's a Cannondale super 6 Evo I mode I got SRAM Red Pete a p' on the front and in there back gots NV stem NV bar it doesn't have it and the seat post but this thing's still a little super light also got some NV 5 y 6 no 3.4 and May 3.4 with the Cannondale train and damn this bike is gonna be such a hill climb where I think it's super super light it's under six point four kilograms Wow so I'm gonna use the tool that came in the box and I'm just gonna put the bar on the wheels on and I'll make sure that everything runs smoothly before taking this out for a ride Wow alright this is it for the review of this 10 Adele super 6 Evo this bike is so light and I can't wait to take it on the rose and mostly Underhill's because I'll be climbing so fast with this chasing kom I got this bike from cycling Avenue thank you guys for lending it to me if you are on the market for a new used bike don't forget to check out their website they have a super wide selection of bikes from $1000 all the way to $10,000 they have rode bikes TT bikes cruising bikes any bike for anyone just check their website their pricing is super good and you won't be disappointed with the fast shipping and the perfect buy condition alright my name is Charles and I'll see you guys in the next one for now I'm just gonna go right this way [Music]

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