Road Runner Burrito and Tool / Saddle roll review TWO OF THE BEST BIKE BAGS

Dernière mise à jour : 11 janv. 2021

what's up guys welcome back to my youtube channel in today's video we are reviewing two products from road runner bags we have the burrito end of our bag and we have the tool roll that goes right behind the saddle let's have a look [Music] so i discovered roadrunner bags when i was in california last march i went to their factory where they handmade all the bags that they produced and i got myself the tool roll for my saddle bag i had this really ugly saddle bag and when i changed it for the road 101 my style points went up like 100 but when i had a flat about two months ago i forgot my saddle bag on the ground um and i just left and when i came back it wasn't there anymore so some lucky guy got himself a bunch of tools and a really nice bag so i reach out to them and say hey i lost the bag i really like them are you down to collab and send me a new one and they were super down and they sent me three bags for a review all right let's talk about the berito ando by bar i i really like it it has a perfect form factor for those hundred to two hundred kilometer right in there you can store a little camera you can store your wallet cheese a bunch of gels bunch of food energy bars and it looks really nice i like the fact that this bag is water resistant and the zipper and everything is heavy duty this bag will last a lifetime one thing you have to keep in mind you cannot open it with one hand so if you are riding um you need two hands on this little lever here to pull the zipper same thing from the other side uh it's okay you can do it while you're riding um you just have to go on this top of your bar you hold it you open it and then you close it but i think it's a lot better for when you have to stop and then you can have access to everything inside now let me show you what i got inside of this one um so i got my keys this camera one two gels i have some electrolytes my wallet another gel chocolate bar and i even add some space for more stuff [Music] now let's have a deeper look at the saddle bag as you can see it has really nice style it fits nicely behind any saddle construction is perfect it's water resistant again you just have to be really careful with this clip as you can see here um there's a double click if you just uh secure it to the first click it might fall off with vibration or when you're gonna hit a bump but if you put it all the way down to the second click there's no way you're gonna lose the saddlebag let's have a deeper look inside of how i set up my tour roll so when you open it you have access to this button that opens up and give you another access to those three compartments on each side of the saddle bag so in the main one that's how i set up it i have a extra tube a co2 cartridge and i have the pump there so it fits inside and it's saving some space on the side compartment i have a multi-tool and some patches another cool thing about this bag is that you can remove the velcro that goes over the seat tube and you can use it as a gas station lock for your bike it's super easy to do you just tight and then you can leave your bike outside and it's going to give you this little assurance that no one's going to just jump on your bike and leave with it this is it for today's video i would like to thanks esther from road runner bags for sending me the burrito and the toll tool toll roll it's a bit hard for me to say uh but thank you esther uh the bikes are nice and i am spreading them every single day pretty much uh if you're interested in the bags just go check out their instagram or their website they also have like a lot more bags that goes like into the frame or in this back and a lot of stuff for like bike packing which i'm not really into yet uh maybe when i get older um if you enjoyed this video don't forget to leave a thumbs up it's always really appreciated and subscribe if you aren't already i have a lot more cycling content coming in the next few weeks that you don't want to miss out all right my name is charles and i'll see you guys on the road or into the next [Music] video you

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