The Most Affordable SUPER BIKE EVER?! - Winspace T1500D REVIEW

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My Winspace Frame review :

you guys have been flooding my dns a question about this bike in today's video i'll give my honest review riding a chinese bike for the last two months and to be honest it's a good one let's get into it [Music] what's up guys welcome back to my cycling youtube channel in today's video we have the t-1500 from windspace if you watch my build video right there i mentioned that i wanted to do at least a thousand kilometers before giving out a review well now i've clocked in over 2 000 kilometer on this bike and i'm now finally ready to give my opinion on this bike out on the internet so i'm gonna sit down right there get comfortable to watch this video it's gonna be a good one and i'm super hyped to share with you guys my experience riding this chinese bike over the last two months i've said it before but i think it's important for me to say who the hell is wind space and where did it come from when space is a chinese brand that owns their own manufacturing they produce bikes for a bunch of big north american brands but they also care about wind space it's like their baby it's like their home brand and they want to make sure it's drive through this big market of bikes they use the same if not better manufacturing process than their oem clients because they do care about their products before going further i want to be really transparent with you guys as i do with all my collaborations windspace gave me the frame the wheels and the bar in exchange of my professional content creation services for my business refined moment they also provided me with the 10 promo code for you guys i want to mention i do receive a kickback from that sale this money is going to help me grow this youtube channel and maybe going to bring me to a full-time cyclist in the next few months and years but they have zero control over what i see into this video the owners of windspace are seeing this video at the same time as you guys they did not give me any feedback or gave me a script of what to say and what not to say about the bike i'm really free to say whatever i want because i just want to stay true and real with you guys i'm not going to go over the specs of this bike there's a website page description just for that i'm going to leave a link right down below the like button in this video i will mainly go over my experience riding this bike for the last two months one question i got asked a lot is why is the price so low well the answer is easy it's not because the carbon is low end it's not because the manufacturing process is cheaply made it's because you're buying directly from the manufacturer regular iron buys go through the ends of so many people there's a manufacturer company there's the national distributor sometime regional distributor and then the shop that's two or three company that gets a cut out of every single bike sale also to keep in mind those big bike companies have so much employees they have like hr team marketing team pr team and all of that is money that they need to make off of every bike sells so that's why their price is so high because they have so many costs to cover with all those marketing campaigns and a big rider sponsorship with one space there is no middleman you're buying directly from the manufacturer so you're getting a lot more value for the price the t1500 retails start just under 1500 usd and if you're using my promo code it goes down to thirteen hundred and thirty two dollars which to be honest is a huge bargain there's no other similar bike in the whole industry that comes close to the price of the t-1500 no other all carbon frames from high-end brands start at two thousand three thousand four thousand dollar so you're saving a lot of money with them so you can invest in a di2 system better wheels uh or just more money for you to travel to ride your bike let's now talk about the ride feel after riding two high-end carbon bike this year a cannondale super six evo eye mode and a gynogenix a1 i gotta say the t-1500d deliver the right quality i expected as a bike racer let's not talk about the ride feel it's extremely stiff it reacts well to any maneuver as soon as you deliver power down the pedal you feel it transfer directly to the wheels and to the ground giving you a strong acceleration the frame is light enough to go over any climbs it's fast enough to drop any of your friends on your local coffee rides and is strong enough to win any bike race one downside of a really stiff bike like this one is that you do lose some comfort you feel a lot more every single cracks every single bumps in the road as a bike racer it's something i'm ready to give up i'd rather have superior performance than comfort so it's something you should keep in mind it didn't stop me from doing lots of 150k rides and to do a half everest subscribe if you want to see a full everest video coming soon let's now discuss the geometry of this frame as you can see it's a really aggressive position this bike is meant to go really fast all the time so reducing your body drag was the number one priority for the italian designer who designed this frame aero frames and arrow wheels won't give you much advantage if your body position is slowing you down and your cockpit is way too high this aeroframe design combined with an aggressive position will easily save you 50 watts if not more and for the sprinters out there pushing heavy watts will this frame hold up to your power i got to admit i don't see this frame failing me anytime soon i've pushed several 20 watts per kilo sprint over 1300 watts several times and the frame reacted just as i expected i might only be 65 kilograms but for the heavier guys out there this frame will hold up there's also a three years warranty on the frame but i doubt you need it for the durability of this frame i'll have to do a lot more mileage before giving an honest opinion on it but so far the ride feels just as good today than it was on the first few kilometers the frame size was a tough one since it's an asian brand i had to go one size up than the regular bikes i had with the garno and the cannondale i had the small and this one is a medium this seatpost is a 470 millimeters and i'm five foot six the bar i went with is the 105 millimeter stem and 40 millimeters wide so it's really important for you guys to measure your current bike's seat post top tube reach and stem length to make sure you get everything on the right size you definitely don't want to end up with a bar too long or too short on your brand new bike you can always go for a regular bar and stem using the wind space bike but it would just not look as good and as sleek as their fully integrated drop bar it's called the zero let's talk about the paint job in my opinion it looks just so good it has a really premium finish it's gonna make heads turn around my girlfriend's bike is even cooler than mine he has this like double color depending on the light and the angle you're looking at so it's either purple or blue and mine is just full on blue it just looked really good if you have any questions about this bike don't hesitate to leave your comments right down below the like button i appreciate that you guys send me a question on instagram but if it's something that more people should be aware of i'd rather answer your question in the comments section on youtube and it would just be better for everyone to see your smart question and see my uh decent smart enough answer i also had a lot of questions about these wheels the hyper 50 mil carbon and carbon spokes you guys will have to wait because they deserve their own video but let me give you guys a little secret they are the bomb so stay tuned for that review to wrap this up i recommend this bike for anyone who's looking to go faster anyone who wants a nicer looking bike at the budget and who's ready to ride on an up-and-coming bike brand that is not widely known yet in group rides people always approach me and ask me what is this wind space bike and i always answer this is the fastest and cheapest super bike on the market bro and then we have a conversation about the brand the bike and then just a really good chat man there's too much mosquitoes i have to have to go somewhere else what's funny about the wind space bike is that there's kind of like a roll reversal it's not people with the twelve thousand dollar bike that make fun with people with less expensive bike with your wind space build at like four thousand dollar you're the one who make fun of them who spend three times that amount on a bike that is same like performance and to be honest this wind space looks a lot better than most of those really expensive bikes out there alright this wraps up my review of the windspace t1500d if you want to put your hands on one use my promo code charleswomatten for 10 off as i mentioned i'm receiving a kickback out of it to fund this youtube channel and my dream and my journey of becoming a full-time cyclist so thank you guys for the support and i'm sure you're not going to regret your purchase if you made it this far into this video please leave a thumbs up it actually makes a difference it's going to help me get noticed on youtube and don't forget to hit the subscribe button if you want to see the wind space ip wheels review or any of my other cycling youtube video you don't want to miss those out also find me on instagram i post a bunch of cycling photos almost on the daily thanks for watching guys my name is charles and i'll see you guys on the road or into the next video [Music] you

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