SHIMANO Di2 VS SRAM eTAP - I've Used Both, Here's my Thought On Them...

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what's up guys welcome back to my cycling youtube channel in today's video i'm gonna go over either if you should go for shimano di2 or sram etap let's find out

so in the last few months i had the opportunity to try both systems prior to this bike i had a cannondale super six evo imode etap and with this bike i went with ultegra di2 both systems are really amazing but there's a few different to keep in mind for your next purchase so for this video i will go over all the main points that you should keep in mind i will award points either to the shimano or to the sram for you to make your final decision let's talk about the price so the price is really important for your build and um it's a clear winner here the shimano is about a thousand dollar cheaper than the sram so the point goes to shimano let's talk about the installation this is a clear winner for the sram etap the wireless system makes it so much easy you don't have to pass cables through your frame you don't have a battery to store inside of your seat post and it just makes it so much easier so much faster with either change your group set to another frame in the future that's not one point that's two points that goes to sram directly for the installation let's talk about the battery life this one is not really important for me because i just have this habit of plugging my bike as soon as i get home every single ride or two rides but from what i've heard the di2 can last twice as long as this ram ecap let's talk about the shifting speed from my own experience it's a clear winner again it's the the i2 i just feel it's a lot more snappy than the etap maybe it's because of this little wireless delay they're both great but the points goes to the di2 let's talk about the style the style is really important for our bikes it's what defines us and we want it to be clean we want we want to just look as good as possible and here it's a clear winner it's the etap because there's just no cable it's wireless and you don't have a dangling cable here out of the frame to the derailleur or into your front of your bar if your bar is not integrated there's gonna be a cable so clear winner again here it's etap let's now talk about ergonomics this one is a really important one because we will be holding those hoods for a long long long hours from my personal experience i did not see any difference between the di2 or the etap they're both really comfortable they're both really high end and that's why i'm awarding a point to both systems future proof this one's also a really important point as of right now recording this video only sram is offering a 12-speed system ximena doesn't and it's really sad i've heard only good things about 12 speed and i can't wait to try it out so this is why i'm giving a point to sram for the future proof the recharging process this one is not really important but it's good to mention that the di2 is a lot easier you just plug in one cable and it recharge your whole system and the sram etap is a bit of a pain you have to take off one battery put it on the only charger i give you in a few hours later you have to swap the battery that we just recharged with that front derailleur battery it's just a bit of a pain if you're like me you just always want full batteries before you go out on a ride the di2 system is a lot easier and that's why i'm giving a point to it what's up guys charles from the future i forgot one point that i really want to mention in this video is with a problem i had with the heat tap so if you were to drink let's say a sip of your water from your left end and then there will be a hill then you cannot shift down with your right hand and then if you're in a group and you drink something or eat something with your right hand then you cannot put a gear to go up the pace on the other hand so it was a bit of a pain to always manage which hand you were gonna drink something and which hand needs to be on the shifters to either go up or down a stupid point but i just want to mention that i really appreciate the di2 to be both on the right side all right this is it for my experience using both system of the sram etap and the shimano di2 i have to say it's a clear win for me for the di2 system for its price for its compatibility for the shifting speed and the few more points i mentioned in the other video nonetheless i want to say that either system you go you will be happy if you are coming from mechanical group set it's a total difference it's night and day and if you have the budget just go for electronic it's it's that good if you decide to go to first ram you're not going to be disappointed it's really really good uh it's just a matter of personal preference and that's why i'm picking up the di2 but i want to mention that if i ever get the chance to try a 12 speed group set from sram maybe this is going to change my decision i've earned only good thing about the 12-speed group set and i'm looking forward to try it out if there's anyone not sure i'm listening to this video don't hesitate to reach out to me and send me a device to uh to test and review i would love love love to get my hands on a 12-speed system if this video helped you make your decision don't forget to leave a thumbs up it's always video appreciated and it does makes a difference it's going to help me to get noticed on youtube and don't forget to hit that subscribe button and there's a lot more cycling content coming in the next few weeks that you don't want to miss out my name is charles and i'll see you guys on the road or into the next video you

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