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In the last few months, we have been extremely busy at the Physiovélo clinic and we have positioned and treated as many cyclists and triathletes as possible in physiotherapy.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we have carried out several projects simultaneously. Firstly, as you already know, we are working on online courses, level 1 of which will be available from January 2021. Secondly, if you have been paying attention to our social media Facebook and Instagram, you have no doubt seen that we have a revolutionary Bike Fit basic project at Physiovélo.

It all started when my friend Nicolas Côté, cyclist and engineer, asked me if we needed any measurement tools at the clinic that could be useful to us in our practice of physiotherapy for cyclists.

Here is our conversation from last September:

I wanted to develop a measuring instrument to objectify the cyclist's center of mass on his bike and thus be able to correlate this data with the various modifications of the cycling position that I perform in the clinic.

The basic principle behind this concept of a cyclist positioning platform is to use electronic scales to determine the longitudinal location of the cyclist's center of mass.

Why dwell on the cyclist's center of mass you will tell me. Well, since this data has never been analyzed before. The cyclist's center of mass has always been approximate in the field of cycling positioning. This new revolutionary Bike Fit base is intended to be a precise measurement tool that will allow us to shed light on this variable of cycling positioning in the long term. In short, an innovative project to advance the cycling industry!

The following months were an opportunity to exchange ideas and concepts important to integrate into the new base of Bike Fit (cycling positioning). Nicolas's experience, enthusiasm and thoroughness were incredible throughout the project. Here is an image of the new cycling positioning base during the research and development phase. You are able to see the seriousness and the work behind this project!

It was finally at the end of December 2020 that our engineer in residence, Nicolas Côté, came to assemble and install the new Bike Fit base at the Physiovélo clinic.

In the coming months, we will have the chance, my physiotherapist colleagues and I, to test and validate our initial assumptions regarding the location of the center of mass of our cyclists. Once again, a big thank you to Nicolas Côté and his sidekick Olivier de la Durantaye.

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