RedWhite THE BIB Testing and Review

History of RedWhite Apparel

● RedWhite Apparel started in 2014 :

● The business is based in Singapore.

● The first product was The BIB. It was developed specifically to help cyclists do

ultra-distance rides in a reasonable price. This product exists to today

and comes in 3 colours. You have The Stealth colour.

● It’s a really small business.

● RW only focus on making bibshorts for long distance cycling.

● The founder is Yuva Viswanathan and is the only employee.

Why only Bibshorts?

● Bibshorts is one of the very few pieces of clothing that has a material impact on rider

comfort. It is also something that gets replaced relatively frequently.

● By focusing only on bibshorts, RW is able to focus on making this 1 high-impact item


●RW also able to scale production for this 1 product category and drive prices down

as a result. Consolidation of the product line is a powerful tool for a small business.

● Because bib shorts get replaced every year, it is important to keep prices reasonable

for my customers to keep returning for replacements.

● There was a time where I made jerseys, socks, gloves, water bottles and baselayers.

This was an exploratory phase. A full explanation is here :

About The BIB Stealth

● This is the most popular bib short that RedWhite sells. You can never go wrong with a

good pair of black bib shorts.

● This bib short is manufactured in Romania :

● RW kept the design as simple as possible so it matches anything you own. Think of it asthe “little black dress” in your cycling wardrobe.

● The heart of this bib short is the pad. It is a thermic-molded (heat molded) pad. It

has 4 layers of material (bacteria resistant fabric on top, medium density foam, high-density foam, perforated backing material). The 4 layers are cut and put into a hard

steel mold. The mold is heated to about 190 deg C. This causes all 4 layers to fuse

into 1 piece. This creates a pad that stays plush and doesn’t flatten out as the

bib short ages and is used for super long rides (during which most people commonly

experience their pads flattening out).

Here’s a detailed write up about the pad :

● The bib short uses lycra that is made by MITI of Italy. It’s a soft, densely woven

fabric that provides enough compression. Not too much, not too little. It isn’t fancy. A

solid, high-quality Lycra that’s durable while being lightweight.

● All fabrics are Bluesign and OEKO-TEX certified. SPF 50 rating.

● The bib strap is made using a mesh that is supplied by MITI as well. I chose a mesh

fabric because it allows me to cut and shape it. If you look closely, the mesh flows

from the shoulders and curves at your waist. It wraps around to the back of your hips

and goes back up to your shoulders. It is impossible to tailor this way using a modern

hemless strap because that material is supplied in flat strips. This allows RW to create

a bib strap that feels like it is in one 1-piece with the rest of the shorts. It doesn’t feel like

shorts that have straps added (like suspenders). I hope this makes sense?

● The gripper is oversized. It’s what I call a “silicon microdot gripper”. It’s a lycra fabric

with hundreds of tiny silicone dots fused to it. Back in 2014, RedWhite was one of the

first companies to use this material. I took a risk in using it back then when the most

common gripper was a simple rubber band. As you noticed, it is very breathable,

while also being grippy.

● The cut of the shorts is high. You will find it difficult to take a nature break. This is a

compromise I made to create a bib short that hugs your belly, rather than being low

and causing your belly to hang out (especially for people like me who have a dad

body). If you’re ripped, the lower belly just sits flat. You’ll be riding more than taking

nature breaks, so it made sense to design it with a higher belly panel (like how Bont

designs their shoes to be ridden in - not walked about in).

● All bib shorts come with Free Express Shipping. This means no matter where you

live, I will have your bib sent to you by FedEx, DHL, UPS, or a similar fast courier. No

extra charge for this.

● All bib shorts come with a 50% crash replacement program :

● A detailed writeup about this bibshort :

About The Entry Bibshort

● This was a bib short I wish existed when I was a new cyclist on a tight budget.

● This bib short was designed for customers who ride below 3 hours. You don’t need an

expensive long-distance bib short for this kind of riding.

● It uses entry-level fabrics from MITI and Effepi of Italy. Fabrics are Bluesign and

OEKO-TEX certified. They’re also SPF50 rated.

● It uses a pad that is not thermic-molded. A thermic molded pad requires an

expensive steel mold. By not using such a mold, I was able to lower the pad cost.

● This bib short uses the same silicone microdot gripper from the more expensive long-distance bib shorts.

● This bib uses the same fabric pattern, tailoring, and flatlock stitch construction as the

more expensive bib shorts.

● It’s manufactured in Romania, in the same factory as the more expensive bib shorts.

● A detailed writeup about this bib short :

About The Sizing Helpdesk

● Most customers of RedWhite get a personalised size recommendation using The

Sizing Helpdesk :

● This is a “concierge-style” service. You send RW your body measurements and RW

make a sizing recommendation.

● If I make an incorrect recommendation, RW own the mistake and solve this for the

customer at no extra cost. Part of the service.

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