Nova OSPW review - Ceramic Speed OSPW ALTERNATIVE?! Half-Price, Same-Like Performance

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you can get this for less than 300 bucks [Music] what's up guys my name is charles and welcome back to my cycling youtube channel if you're new here don't forget to hit the subscribe button for more cycling content so i've always wanted an oversized pulley wheel also known as ospw because man tail looks just so good i don't really care about the what saving overall i just think that is a bit of a marketing gimmick but aesthetic wise those are hot in today's though i will go over this product from nova ride i will mount it on my bike and give you guys some feedback and share a sweet discount at the end oversized pulleys we see them a lot on the world tour or on some dentist bikes out there and i kind of like them so why didn't i order one before i've had a deep look at ceramic speed one but for the 500 usd price tag i thought it was a little bit too much so i never pulled the trigger ordering one i've read all their what saving claims and yes it does make sense at some point that you are saving some watts to sum it up there are two advantages of an ospw a bigger radius around the jokey wheels means for a smoother transition resulting in reducing friction and ceramic bearings inside well it just also reduced the friction so it moves more freely but the research shows that you can save from four to six watts by simply adding this oversized pretty wheel system to your bike i know four watts can makes a big difference but at a 500 price tag for the ceramic speed i think there's a way better watt saving tips out there for less money such as riding more aero slamming your stem ride shorter cranks tighter kits aero helmet and more but for aesthetics that depends on who you are if you are like me and love taking photos of your bike you love to ride a clean looking fast looking bike well ospw are a great upgrade so now let's talk about this one the nova ride oversized pulley wheel carbon fiber derailleur with ceramic bearings and this is not more expensive it's not the same price it's about 50 percent cheaper than the ceramic speed one starting at 200 euros or 240 usd now that's a really interesting upgrade nova ride is a french company so [Music] they send this for a review so thank you guys available in both shimano r series ultragraph endure ace or sram axis red and force they pretty much cover all iron bikes what is cool about their oversized pulley wheel is that there's five colors available and maybe more coming in the future i've picked blue because you saw my bike i think it will look for a perfect color match four year warranty and a crash replacement program which offers you a 50 discount on a new one in case something bad happened which is pretty sweet the build quality looked on point so far at the first glance so now i will mount it on my bike i have no idea if i will be able to i'm not a bike mechanic but i do understand some of the basics alright let's go okay guys so we are about half an hour later than uh the the shots you saw i had some problems with the derailleur because so when you need to do like this backflip behind um you need to like be out of the derailleur a little bit and the spring tension was really hard for me to to have it align and come back inside of this it's all i don't know if it's really clear but anyways i got it now that i've done the flip from the derailleur from here to this way and then i pushed it in and with some luck and some strength i i got it i put back the lock screw and now i have a really nice looking derailleur the tension looks really good for me here just time to put the chain again and go for a ride [Music] all right so my chain might be a little bit too small as you see here the the hanger doesn't go all the way back as it should when it's on the 11 feet my first thoughts on them is i don't see any difference that's a good news because if it was impacting the shifting speed accuracy of the gear then i would probably go back but so far i did not see any issues it works just as it's intended to and it definitely adds some style points over here so pretty stoked on that uh what i'm not stoked on is the racetrack is so wet that it's not really fun so i might go somewhere else to ride i'm supposed to do like about an hour and 15 of bay's zone 2 riding so i'm gonna go do that right now go back to home gotta need to clean the bike because it's so dirty outside right now is so wet i understand why no one is there though the weather is beautiful it's not too cold today and comfortable right now but the track is way too wet i might have to go somewhere else [Music] all right first ride with the nova oversized pulley wheel and so far it responded just as i expected so the shifting was fast the shifting was accurate i tried on low low and high load so i was standing while changing gears and it responded just like the regular shimano hangar did i see something in the what's difference not at all that'd be silly for me to tell you that i felt those was different but what i can see with my eyes is that it do looks a lot better for myself that blue jackie wheel just looks so good with my blue bike so will i keep writing this ospw i will until i have problems i am just going to keep it on my bike because it feels really good not feels good it feels just the same but because i feel good knowing my bike looks better so you get the point today i did not replace my chain i do not recommend that you write a chain that is too short because it will load the spring of the derailleur a lot more than it should and will degrade its quality a lot faster than a regular chain size would get you so definitely get the sizing of your chain right for myself it's something that's coming next week so i will put that on as soon as i get it for those who are interested in getting your hands on this oversized pulley wheel as always you i hooked you guys up with the 10 discount it's charles wimma 10 as usual the links will be in the description down below for you to check it out yeah that sums it up pretty much maybe early next season once i'll maybe do a thousand kilometer on this pulley system i will do a proper review today is not really a review it's more of overview of the product because i haven't read it yet enough to give you guys honest feedback on it so if you want to get your hands on it right now feel free to but you don't have my blessing that it worked for me for at least 1000 kilometers that's it if you enjoyed please leave a thumbs up it's always really appreciated subscribe if you aren't already i have a lot more cycling content coming in next few weeks that you don't miss out alright my name is charles and i'll see you guys on the road or into the next video peace

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