My New Favorite Winter Cycling Bib! Red White

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Watch my RedWhite summer bib review :

0:00 Ditch the trainer!

0:40 Fake ''winter bibs''

1:20-What is Red White Bibs? Who is Yuva?

1:55 The construction of the RW winter bib

3:10 Temperature I've used this bib

3:40 Long-distance chamois construction

4:05 What I like about the fabric used

4:45 The zipper has a small problem for me...

5:39 I love the flexibility around the knee

6:25 The red shadows from the bib

6:50 I LOVE the chamois

7:25 I also froze my d!ck with another winter bib

7:52 Pricing wise: Lot's of value

8:25 It's better than leg warmers

8:55 Sizing info

9:40 Don't take only my word for it... check the reviews

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