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0:00 What is Pro Owned Cycling?

1:13 Disclaimer

1:25 Shipping to Canada

1:45 Unboxing goodies

2:50 Closer look at the packaging

3:05 The cockpit, saddle and fork

4:42 Bike frame unboxing & info

6:35 Who ridden this bike on the World Tour

7:30 How I will mount this new bike

8:00 Need a new bike?

8:44 There will be a lot of TT this year...

I don't think there's any day throughout the year that is better than a new bike day!

I've been working getting a new bike for last few months and the folks at pro-owned cycling had exactly what i needed !

What is Pro-owned Cycling ?

So Pro-owned cycling is a company based in Denmark and what they do is that they buy all the bikes and all the gear from world tour teams, they ship everything to their warehouse, where all the gear is inspected by several people repackage everything and then they resell everything across the world.

Another great perks about pro-owned cycling is that they have everything in stock, it is not like all the other brands where you have to be on the waiting list for months. So, if you want a new bike, fast shipped to you (between a week or two weeks) and that will arrive straight at your door this is a really solid option!

Quick disclaimer guys: I did pay myself for the frame, pro own cycling are not paying me for this review and unboxing video but I did receive a discount in exchange for some visibility over onto my youtube channel.

My Experience

Shipping this to Canada took about 12 days to arrive. Everything seems intact the box, it looks like it handled properly the shipping, it's really well wrapped. There is even some fragile stickers. Once I open the box I see that Pro-owned cycling has field the box with goodies! This is not a youtube influencer goodie package, they told me they really always add a few things when you buy from them. You're gonna see some surprise. I've received: a little bubble head, a beer cooler, a Quick step miniature jersey, a book on Africa's first tour de france (that looks nice, really good photography), cards from all the ntt riders, a key chain from team sky, a wahoo water bottle and more...

Now to the good stuff, so as we can see here i just took all of the paper out and everything looks well packaged. Let's be careful with the Knife around the bike.

let's start with the cockpit, this looks so fast a lot of adjustment there i'll be able to really dial this for for my position really cool to have here when you see this i feel it kind of give away what bike i'm going for i'm going with a tt bike.

The brand? Which team it is from? now the piece of resistance. It looks like everything is already greased up, the breaks are also integrated( man that looks really good). This is the cherry on top, god this looks so good wow wow ! This is unreal i don't know what to say guys this frame is unreal, it looks so fast, it looks so aero. We have the integrated dura ace break at the bottom so this is this the Scott plasma 5!

The Scott Plasma 5

what's special about this Scott plasma 5 is that you cannot buy it as a time trial bike, you can only buy it as a triathlon bike on scott's website. So this frame has been made specifically for the team Mitchelton Ccott for the time trials so you cannot buy this frame other than on pro-owned cycling. So if you're a fan of scott it's a one-time kind of deal that you'll be able to put your hands on the frame like this! I don't think they're gonna make it anymore. I do see some fingerprints a bit over the place here uh but that's totally normal this frame is not new, I don't see any scratches. It looks almost brand new. So this Frame has been ridden by Robert Stanard! I've seen him on the world tour before, he looks like a super strong dude, he's about my size, he's five foot six. So i got a small just like him, that's the perfect size for me!

What's great about pro-owned cycling is that if you're not too sure about which size you are you can look a bike and checked out who was the owner and then find out about their size to help you decide. Let's say you look at a bike owned by adam yates, you can google his height you find out is five foot six or 170 centimeters and you can pick your bike accordingly to the height of the rider. I think that's a really nice indicator find the perfect size for you and what i've been told is that the customer support at pro-owned cycling are super on the ball with replying to questions about sizes and fitting so if you have any question crossing your mind do not hesitate to reach out to them.

After my first inspection of the bike i'm super stoked about this bike i'm a bit sad it did not include the water bottle holder that goes with this frame. I'm not too sure how i will find like a vertical bottle and i don't know if they're universal i'll have to check it out with them.

How will I mount the Bike ?

I did order ultegra di2 group set it should arrive next week so i can start the build as soon as i get it. And to complete this build I will mount my wheels and I did have a rear disc wheel that's coming in as well that's going to take a few more weeks to arrive because it's getting built at the moment. This bike is going to be fire.

If you guys want to put your hands on this scott time trial frame or any other frames they are now available online. Find your favorite rider, get a frame quickly and build it as you want. It it's such a fun process to build your own bike! Choose all the components, order everything, assemble everything if you can do it yourself, or bring it to your local bike shop. Good bike shops are always down to work on amazing projects.

Check out ProOwned Cycling website :

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