MUST HAVE Parts For my DREAM Gravel BUILD!

If you tried to build a gravel bike without these parts, you’ll probably won’t go really far

What’s up guys, my name is Charles and welcome back to my cycling youtube channel, if you are new here don't forget to hit the subscribe button for more cycling content. This video is the week 4 of a 12 videos ultimate gravel bike build series, so definitely have a look at the full playlist, there will be a link in the description

Last week we had a deep look at all the components I will be mounting on my dream gravel build, but in today’s video, I will present you all the other small parts that are necessary to have a fully functional bike. I’ll give you an overview of each product, why I decided to use them and my general impression.

We’ll start by taking a look at the only point of contact your bike has with the ground of the bike, and it’s of course the tires. Gravel tires are a tough choice because they can change so much the ride feeling and the performance of your bike. For my build, I have two choices of tires from Pirelli and one wild card. The Cinturato Gravel tires come in two different models, the H series for Hard terrain and the M series for mixed terrain. Each tire is available in 650B in 45 or 50mm and 700c by 35,40 and 45 mm. Both using the speedgrip compound for low rolling resistance and high grip on both dry and wet surfaces, the tire also has reinforced fabric for added puncture and cut resistance.

As you can see, there is quite a big difference in the threading of both models. If you are more looking into fast-paced gravel riding, man-made gravel roads such as hardpack and rocky terrain, the H series will be a better choice because it will be a lot faster with plenty of grip. On the other hand, if you are more looking into complete offroad, sand, crazy steep 25% gravel roads, the M series will be a better tire overall just because it has more grip. It does look a bit more like a mountain bike tire with it’s big threads, but still has some great rolling speed. For the tires sized I went with 40 for the H and 35 for the M.

And my wildcard for the fastest gravel tire possible would be this Cinturato Velo Pure Protection. I would not recommend this for general gravel use, but if you specifically know that there will be some tarmac and the gravel roads as mostly flat, wide with not much corners, this tire will fly compared to your buddies but you will lose grip and comfort. The additional puncture protection should keep you rolling with peace of mind for such a skinny tire.

Moving on to the Saddle, you guys remember in the first video of the gravel series what I said about a saddle partner? Well my wish came true ahah. We have here Supacaz who hooked it up with their Ignite TI saddle. I’m a big fan of short nose design because it offers multiple sitting positions, the signature PurePU compound offers maximum grip in the wet and dry conditions, Kush Foam for better comfort, that will be super appreciated on bumpy gravel roads. I picked the 143mm wide because that’s the best size for my sit bones. There are like 14 colors available for this saddle and I picked black and red to match my frame that I still haven't received yet by the way ahah. I’m sure it will add a nice touch.

Now the pedals. I got two options here from two different brands depending on what type of riding I want to do. If I’m looking for a more lay-ed back ride or bike packing trip, I would use these Look Geo Trekking pedals. And if I’m going on a super hard, fast-paced drop ride, I would use these Ritchey WCS XC Pedals.

What’s cool about these Look is the flat pedal on one side and the clipless on the other side. So weather I have regular shoes or cycling shoes. I can comfortably push these pedals. A big game changer here is the integrated LED lights for extra visibility. They are rated for 30h of use and can make you be seen from far away. I’d say these can keep you safer along a rear red light because these lights are moving up and down, so they can catch the attention of car drivers easily.

On the other hand the Ritchey’s are made for racing. These pedals have won multiple world championships and olympic medals, so you know you are not going wrong with these SPD pedals. They are double sided with 4 degrees of float and weight 298 grams

And to wrap up this video, I have the Bont Vaypor G shoes. As you guys know, my favorite road shoes are the Vaypor S and these are basically the exact same shoe, but with SPD mounting. So they are super stiff, dual boa for the perfect tension, extremely durable material, a better grip plate under the shoe. If you’d like to know more about my Bont shoes on the different models, how to mold them in your oven and how to pick the right size, check out the dedicated video about them, I also have a 15% discount code for you guys.

Alright this is it for the overview of my gravel bike small parts, I want to say a thank you to all the partners of this video, all the link to Pirelli, Supacaz, Look, Ritchey and Bont will be in the description down bellow

Come back NEXT week for another video of this ultimate gravel build series on my channel. If you enjoy this one, please leave a thumbs up. It actually makes a difference for me to get noticed on youtube, subscribe if you haven’t already

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