In-Depth Conversation with NorCal Cycling about ...

Thanks to Jeff from NorCal cycling for the chat! Enjoy :)

Thanks to Jeff from @NorCal Cycling for the chat, check out his channel!

0:00 Intro

0:34 Greetings

0:57 Jeff Introduce Himself

1:23 How Jeff Felt in Love with Cycling?

2:35 How Jeff started his YouTube channel?

4:04 At what point Norcal Cycling channel took off?

6:30 What once thing Jeff wish knew when starting his YouTube channel?

7:46 Does Jeff work fulltime on his YouTube channel?

8:35 Jeff evolution through the years on YouTube

10:06 Why people love bike crashes so much?

12:48 Did you crash a lot?

13:29 The most rewarding comments to Jeff

14:12 How do you manage your personal sponsors and the team sponsors?

15:51 Would you be sponsored by an other brands than Specialized?

17:18 What would you do with a 1 Millions Dollar budget for team mikes bike?

18:58 Why Women are underrepresented into the sport?

21:30 Jeff on his new Couch to Crit series

25:35 Do you do off-the-bike sprinting workouts?

27:40 First ever bike Jeff raced?

28:38 Our cycling federation doesn't allow on-bike Cameras...

30:30 How do one can maintain passion for the sport?

32:30 Would you like to come to race in Canada?

33:31 What's the biggest cash price you won?

35:20 Is power data usefull for a beginner?

36:33 The truth about powermeters accuracy...

37:22 Wrapping up

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