I Set Up my HOODS Like REMCO EVENEPOEL!! And The Aero Gains are AMAZING.

a bunch of pearls are doing it but we don't see it often in today's video i will investigate this trend of rotating your woods inwards let's go [Music] what's up guys my name is charles and welcome back to my cycling youtube channel we've seen this trend in the pro bulletin but i rarely see it when i'm riding outside in my area or when i'm scrolling through instagram looking at inspiration bike pages in this video i will go over the benefits of rotating your woods inwards i'll try it myself and give you guys my honest feedback about trying this trend firstly let's have a look at two pro riders in the propellant that got me intrigued in this trend up and coming australian racer sebastian berwick who finished second at the gc tour down under at the start of the year that has just signed a three years contract with israel startup nation said this in an interview with lantern roof hey what explain yourself if you're not turning your hoods in you're not winning mate what what is this it's a new generation can you adopt it go faster does it everybody does it and then i had a closer look at ramco avenue photos and it do rotate his hoods by a lot one thing me and those two guys have in common is that we are both the same size and almost the same way so if they are doing it maybe it's gonna work for me lately i've been working a lot on my top of the hood arrow position because i'm so low on my handlebar that is already slammed it makes it so difficult for someone behind me to have some some kind of rest especially the tall guys and also with the regular hoods straight forward i realized that it was creating some tension in my hands mostly some pressure point on the outside of the wrist and some tension on the inside because my hands were always over rotating on the outside to be able to hold those straight hoods and then i realized this if you bring your two arms up like you're holding your hood and then you just release the tension your wrist is falling on the inside and i'm not joking it's falling like that so why not the hoods will be aligned with that wrist position so this is what i'm going to try out today some physio might tell you not to do it i have no idea if this is good or bad for your body i'm not a physiotherapist but i'm giving it a shot i'll share my experience and you do whatever you want with this information all right enough talking time to fix those hoods [Music] now that those hoods are loose i'm going to go to the extreme because why the not let's just push it until i get some resistance from my bar tape this sounds good with me some mechanic geese will tell you oh you're not using a torque wrench all the time and i say like i've never had any issue just don't over tighten it this is probably really bad advice i've never cracked my frame on my stuff until then i will not use a torque wrench once i do break something then i might use a torque wrench for the rest of my life also the hood is not something that you want to tight too much because if you ever crash if it's too tight it won't rotate and it would just break all right so this is it the two hoods are fully on the inside let's just have a quick look here at the bike so just by looking at it i did not do it right so this one is way too on the inside compared to this oh wow oh this is gonna feel so good i think i like it i like this one more it has a lot more of a bend so i'll bring the left one to the same angle and i'm gonna go for a ride [Music] all right i just reached the race track today i have a few intervals to do sorry about the wind noise i'm using my phone here like last time but you guys told me that the quality was good enough and the audio was good so today's training is a sprint training so i have to do 45 consecutive six second sprints with 24 seconds of break it's gonna be interesting i need to do a few laps here to warm up before i'll get some b-rolls and i'll be testing those those new hoods [Music] so [Music] do [Music] all right one more one more one more [Music] that was art extra motivation i needed that to finish the workout now time to ride easy all right the training is done thanks to tristan who showed up today out of nowhere to come to a few intervals with me so far i like the hoods i'm gonna give you guys more feedback when i i'm done riding all right first ride with the hoods rotated and the inside i really love it i like the fact that i can put my palm of my end in this hole and then my wrist can just sit on top of my flat bar and i can gently hold the bar since i'm using the brand new shimano di2 i have two shifting button on the top of my hoods so when i'm grabbing here i can just simply press those button to shift uh speed in the back which is really nice i don't get to go click on those buttons i can simply hold it with my pinky finger under and it's super stable it's super fast it's super aero i think i'm gonna have to do a bit more mileage on that before and uh oh hello so i will need to do a little bit more of mileage on this inverted hoods so far i like it [Music] man running traffic is so fun [Music] so i had one more stuff to do my friends at lulemen invited me for a little something [Music] feeling good man those new pens they're from the on the move campaign [Music] really nice where [Music] no backpack i need to carry all this clothing so it's created this super arrow it's a shark fin all right this is it for today's video i want to say a huge shout out to luna lemon for hooking me up again as an ambassador with this brand new line of clothing called on the move to wrap up today's though with inverted hoods so far i really like it one downside i realize is that when you're standing up especially climbing it's a lot less stable i think you have a little bit less power because your hands are closer to each other it's definitely a lot more twitchy if you're running into a pelton it's something i would not recommend to be in that position if there's too many people around you because if you need to do a quick move it might be a bit harder to be stable and it can cause a crash maybe maybe not i think this position is really ideal when you're in a breakaway when you're trying to save as much watts as possible and you want to make the people behind you suffer just a little bit more i'll keep my hoods like that for a few more hundred of kilometers and i will do a follow-up video or just like a little segment in another video about my position if i'm gonna keep it if i'm gonna return back to straight hoods in the meantime if you made it this far please leave a thumbs up it's always really appreciated and it does make a difference for me to get noticed on youtube and subscribe if you aren't already i have a lot more cycling content coming in the next few weeks that you don't want to mess up all right my name is charles and i'll see you guys on the road or into the next [Music] video

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