How To Succeed Your First EVEREST - EVERYTHING You Need to Know!!

i've completed an everest on a 16.2 percent climb and i gotta tell you i learned so much from this experience in this video i will go over all my best advice i wish i knew before doing this everest so yours could be a lot easier [Music] what's up guys my name is charles and welcome back to my cycling youtube channel if you're new here don't forget to hit that subscribe button because thanks to today's video you will be able to do your first everest with less problem that i had you definitely want to watch this full video because there's a few tips that can actually save your life and i'm not kidding i could have died up there through the low atmospheric pressure but not really because i was doing the same hill 514 times in a row but you get the point there are some life-saving tips i will divide this though into three main categories before during and after so everything i wish i knew everything i learned i will just share all my knowledge with you guys but before getting started i want to mention that i am not going to go over all the basic nutrition tips or route planning tips i feel that the internet is already full of those advice you can just type on google how to do a first everest or first ever tips i will go more into details about stuff that those articles or those youtube videos won't tell you about let's go bring more water than you think i started the day i brought with me six liters i thought it would be fine and i was totally wrong i should have bring with me at least 10 and i think i drank 12 or 13 liters of liquid mostly water some with electrolyte tabs some gatorades some coke rebels organize your support crew from the start to the end one thing i didn't do is make sure i had someone with me the whole time so when i started the everest i was alone then only one person joined and then it was alone again but then in the afternoon there was like 20 people riding with me but all those people left when it was the hardest and when it was night time so i wish i planned to have a dedicated buddy that showed up at the last thousand meter and another dedicated buddy that show up at the 7000 meter mark just to make sure that i've always had someone with me so easy gearing i thought i was fine with the 32 cassette on the back but since i did this on the 16 climb i should have switched my front crank to a 50 34 instead of a 52 36 i would have been able to spin a little bit more doing a lot less of zigzags going up the hill saving some precious time so if you're attempting it on a super sleep climb just go with the smallest smallest smallest gears you can have it's always better to spin more than grind more so keep that in mind foot cushions for your hand i wish i brought those i just didn't know the place where i had the most pain was into my hands uh i was starting to have some blisters as you saw into the everest video my girlfriend had to go to the pharmacy to bring me some but and it did help so much the blisters did not get worse over time and it's something you should absolutely bring with you if you do a nebraska you're just always on those hoods make some friction into the hands there's a few useful items you should bring a battery pack because your gps will not last all day a camping chair because you do want to stay on that it's comfortable you don't want to sit on a like a park bench or just on the sidewalk a cooler you want your drinks to stay fresh you want your food to stay fresh as well at that 15 hour mark you don't want to eat some rotten sandwiches so reflective jacket you will probably end up in the dark if you're not doing it at the longest day of the summer i did mine in november it was obvious that will end in the dark and in addition to that uh bike lights i think it's a bit obvious but rear in front make sure you have two lights at least because uh if you do spend a lot of time in the dark uh you will uh run out those batteries so you can swap them out okay so training at least do one half everest that is obvious you should you should not like if your biggest climbing day is 1500 meters do not go for that 9 000 mark um just don't you you don't know why you're getting into it do at least half a rest maybe one month three month before best case scenario you do it on the same hill that you want to do your everest and then when you feel that you are ready fitness wise and mentally and you have everything organized then i think that's the time you should do your flavors bring your bike for a tune-up uh your local bike shop will be more than happy to make sure everything runs smooth as you saw in my preparation video i brought my bike to velo i bike where vincent the mechanics fix a few little issues not much but it's a couple watts of saving that for sure and a couple watts of saving come a long way when you spend 12 hours or 15 hours on the saddle carb loading it's that's really important the night before eat two rounds of uh pasta it's what i would recommend but that's just a personal preference another tip that i'm so stoked that i've done is that i have risen my bar to the is as possible uh this made sure that my lower back was not into that arrow position all day because to be honest the arrow position is not a matter that you want when you're climbing an airbrush it's just for comfort it was easier for me to push which is easier for me to stay on the saddle all day being uh risen up so if you slam your stem too hard and you chop that fork i'm sorry but that was not a good idea so this is why i kept my chimney on my bike this summer because i knew i was going to do an eras and i knew i wanted to rise my bar something i randomly done but i'm super glad i did is that i set up my car and like my cooler and at the party was on top of the hill and at the bottom of the hill this was a little bit easier when going on this last climb before taking a break it's just like you are looking forward to reach that top and i think it just mentally will help you boost uh your ability to keep going all the time plus when you set up at the top of the hill when people feed you water or feed you some bars you can eat them while you're going down so you're saving precious time reward foods this is something i did not plan prior to my everest but i'm so glad i did maybe after we done i got some a w burger so fast food and this was so much better than my like healthy chicken wraps that i had ready for me to eat i needed this fast food i needed this junk something good to eat because otherwise you start to have a hard time to intake food inside of you junk food is easy to eat because it's so good and i also had mcdonald at that seven thousand meter and that was the best idea i could ever wish for my girlfriend uber eat the food for me at the top of the hill so that was a really pleasure to eat speaking of reward food something that i've done that i wish i did at the start is to eat small chunks of food every time you go up the hill so when i ordered chicken nuggets after mcdonald every time i was doing one lap i was taking this one nugget one nugget one nugget and it just like fueled me to keep going because i want to eat and did not just waste the time sitting down and eat those nuggets so something i should have done maybe before during the day is to prepare my meal into small bite-sized portion that every time i climbed someone just give me this piece of it and i could just keep going so when you're climbing you are looking forward to that chicken nugget that you enjoy so much i have some friend to pace you up and down the hill something i realized is that on the hill i was going down there were those two corners and when i had a friend of mine running five meters in front he was able to see the car first and just say car up and this car up was uh giving me this extra time to be under brakes or uh just less surprised when you hear the sound of your friend telling you that there's a car it was a bit safer for me because when you're getting into those like six seven and eight thousand meters of elevation your reaction time is a lot slower so just having your friend in front of you calling you those situations made the whole difference for it to be safer and to have your body pace you up the hill just make sure that if they are going fast do not follow them go at your own pace and just don't be shy to tell them hey man slow down hey man just go in zigzags or just i'll see you at the top chop it down to one thousand meter chunk so this is what i've done this was a really good strategy for me to always look forward to that next stop which was a thousand two thousand three thousand four thousand and like that so this gave me a reason to not stop for stupid stuff and only stop when i most needed it and that was lunchtime of course sometimes let's say at 6 500 i i stopped at my car got some electrolytes in my water bottle or just like energy bar that i did not plan on having in my jersey that's fine but those are like minute breaks not like a proper five minutes sit down breaks you get the point speaking of breaks do not take long ones every time i stop for five or ten minutes restarting was horrible i wish i always take less long breaks you are maybe better to do more like two or three minute breaks than like just a few 10 to 50 minute ones when you restart the effort after a long break your legs are like it's just not good it just doesn't feel good it hurts a lot more so i really wish i took shorter breaks change your bib this is something i did not do but one friend of mine who joined in at like that eight thousand meter mark told me hey did you change your bid today i was no i did not this guy's from a trail running background and that's something they usually do on those really really long long long runs they change their shorts they change the jersey maybe it's something i should have done halfway through the day it would have probably felt better to put on like a dry bib because in the morning was a little bit wet so probably some moisture got into the chamois uh maybe next time yeah shamu cream all the way to your butt cheeks so i've never had a proper salad rash or like a saddle sore like people call them because i always put some shammy cream but something happened to me is that my butt cheeks uh got sore from like the tip of my saddle i guess shaman cream all the way up to there would have been a good idea uh for sure i i have a photo i don't know if i can show it i can try to blur my my but a little bit of a rash something else i wish i have done earlier into the everest is to start to spin more my legs going up that super steep climbs at the first maybe the first 2000 meters i was going like straight up because like a straight line is the shortest way to the top but this was not a good strategy since i didn't had a smaller crank i was spinning at like 50 rpm sitting down which was not optimal at all it was putting some pressure into my knees so at some point i started to go into zigzag into this uh the steeper section and i was able to spin my legs at like 65 70 so this was a lot better the pain on the knees disappeared right away when i start to spin do not be scared of going into zigzag because if you are attempting on a super super steep climb and you don't have the right gear ring i thought i would have been a lot more sore and a lot more fatigued i thought i was like not able to be on the bike for like two weeks or like a full week off but it's actually not the case i recovered quickly the next day i was sore two days after i was like barely sore and then the third day after i went for a ride a 50k ride on this the cgv track and i was i was pushing my regular watts uh for like a steady effort this was really good news that i recovered quickly will that be the case for you probably not um yes not it depends on your body depends on your level it depends on like have you worked a lot on your flexibility and have you worked a lot on your core strength keep eating full meals and eat and eat and eat for the next 12 hour you will probably under eat from your everest i've done that unfortunately the night after the rest i ate like a huge pizza slice i woke up at 5am and i got some shepherd's pie and at 10 a.m with my girlfriend we made this huge breakfast and i was still hungry afterwards so keep eating full meals for maybe like the next 12 to 24 hours it will be a lot easier for you to recover from that everest a bath i took a bath right after the rest it felt so good uh i don't know if it's good again i don't know if it should have been cold or hot maybe you can research that on google but for me a hot bat really did the trick and as i mentioned i've done yoga like almost every single day after i helped a lot to get the sore muscle uh like back on track another recovery tip just sleep sleep sleep sleep the next day the next two or three days tried to have as much sleep as possible i did two naps it helps a lot to recover quickly another recovery tip is your shoe wear it's important your feet worked a lot in that effort and you want to please them with some really good questions uh this is why my my friends at uca11 they sent over those those shoes that they call the recovery shoes they're actually really nice uh they're slip-on i put them for the first time right after the arrests and uh they haven't left my feet since then it's been like four or five days so thanks to the guys at uca11 all right this is it for today's video if you have any question about my everest or your upcoming everest leave a comment down below i reply to every single comment all the time if you enjoyed this video please leave a thumbs up it's always really appreciated subscribe if you aren't already i have a lot more cycling content coming in the next few weeks thanks for sticking around and i'll see you guys on the road or into the next video peace you

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