How Much Money Global Cycling Network Actually Make?!

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you will not believe the amount of money that global cycling network makes


You Will. Not. Believe. The amount of money Global cycling network makes.

What’s up guys, my name is charles and welcome back to my cycling youtube channel, in today’s video, it’s not a product review, it’s not an adventure or challenge on the bike. But I will be digging through cycling’s king of youtube and it’s kingdom, The Global Cycling Channel and all its sister channels.

I will estimate to the best of my knowledge all GCN revenues from four different income streams, such as ad monetization on youtube, paid partnership, GCN race pass and Merch.

If you clicked on this video, you must already know what GCN is, they make every kind of bicycle video you can ask for, as soon as you type something on youtube, they are always the first video to show up. But here is what you maybe didn’t know about them.

GCN is operated by Play Sports Network which is owned by Discovery Communications, which is an american multinational mass media company, they own Eurosport, which you might know and watch some bike races on, but also channels like Discovery Channel, Food Network, TLC, Animal Planet, Oprah Winfrey Network, Yes OPRAH ahah. Science Channel and way way more. So yeah, they are a HUGE corporation.

But let’s get back to what interests all of us, how much money does GCN and it’s sister channels makes.


This one is fairly easy to estimate. We need two values, the daily views, and the CPM, or cost per 1000 impressions.

For the daily views, using the website Social blade, we see that the main GCN channel generates in average 500 thousands daily views.

Adding up the daily views of the 10 other sister channels, this is a total of 1.35 million daily views

Mind blown.

And now for the CPM, this value can vary a lot depending of the audience, where it is located, what are their interrest, do they have money etc… But hey, in cycling, it’s a rich man’s sports, advertisers are paying top dollards to have ads in from of your screen. Since I also run a cycling channel, I can estimate that GCN CPM is somewhere close to mine. I currently have a 7.5$ revenue per 1000 views on my channel, so we can estimate the GCN CPM is somewhere betweet 6 and 8$

Simple math here, 1.35 million divided by 1000 multiplied by an average of 7$ give us a total of

9450USD per day and 3.4M per year.

Not bad ehh?

Paid partnership

This one is impossible for me to know exactly, but paid patnership can generale a lot of revenue. When you scroll any channel of the GCN network, you see in the thumbnail this AD from time to time. In my opinion, an ad video with such a big viewership, can generate 15 to 25 thousands dollars per video. In the last month, GCN main channel posted 9 sponsored videos, GMBN did 2 and GTN did 3.

So this is total is 14 sponsored videos per month, averaging 15 000$ each for a total of 280 thousands per months, 3.3 million a year.

GCN Pass title

Ok this one is for the HARDCORE bike racer enthousiast, and again, is really hard to estimate. I’ll go for a percentage of the GCN racing subscribers count. They currently have 165 000 subs, and let’s say there is a 3% people who will pay for the pass that sells for 13$ per month.

This is an estimate of 5000 people, which generates 65 000$ per month, 780 thousands a year

GCN Merch

This one again, impossible to accurately estimate the amount of merch they are selling. But for this one, I’ll use this average YouTuber’s pie chart revenue. Which says the following :

34% of revenue is from Ads, 33% from revenue is from video sponsoreships, which I was damn close with 3.4M for ads, 3.3 for partnership. We’ll assume the racing pass is like the Patreon at a 7% mark. This leaves us with 26% of GCN total income from the merch. For a total of 2.57Million a year.

Adding up all the revenue streams, I estimate to this date, october 10th, that the global cycling network makes a grand total of 10 million and 50 thousands a year.

Man that was interresting to make, please take those result with a grain of salt, but do let me know in the comments below what you think of this breakdown!

I hope you enjoy this video! If you a new here, PLEASE, don’t hesitate to go watch my other cycling videos, I make product reviews, cycling adventures and challenges and way more. If you enjoyed this video, don,t forget to leave a thumbs up, it actually makes a difference for me to get notice on youtube and subscribe if you aren,t already, I have a lot of cycling content coming in the next few weeks, allright my name is charles and I’ll see you guys on the road or into the next video.

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