How and Why I Started My YouTube Channel in 2020...

Yes, ok, I now 100% assume it. I am now officially a cycling YouTuber.

What’s up guys, my name is Charles and welcome back to my cycling channel, if you are new here don't forget to hit the subscribe button for more cycling content.

So this video will be a sorta year in review, but will go a little more in-depth than just giving a general recap. So, why and how I started this YouTube channel in the first place? It’s a long story. We’ll have to go way back. Way way back.

I’ve been a content creator all my life. From making skateboarding videos in my parking lot at the age of 10, to comedy sketch at 15, to utilizing social media to find my first longboard sponsors at 18. Creating photos, videos, products reviews, adventures, documentaries, storytelling, is something that I’ve done all my life, and I’m planning on to do forever.

In 2010, That’s where I bought my first digital camera, a Canon T2I with kit lens off ebay. My goal of having my own camera was to ask my friends to take photos of me skating, so I can send them to companies to find sponsors. And it did work back then. By 2013 I was a professional downhill skateboarder, racing around the world doing world cups. I have a few world cup qualifier podiums and won the 2014 north american championship. I did not make a lot of money, but as a student back then, I got to travel all summers for a few years and I was making it even.

In 2016, that’s where I truly discovered photography. I was into the instagram game, chasing bangers as we call them and grew my instagram to 30 thousands followers quickly. It was huge back then. I started to get noticed by mainstream brands that wanted to collaborate with me and some brands wanted me to shoot their new products and upcoming marketing campaigns. That was awesome. I’ve worked with brands such as BMW, Mazda, RedBull, Lululemon, LG, Converse, Oakley, Jack Daniels, Jager Meister and lots more

So you are probably wondering, what does this have to do with cycling and this youtube channel, i’m getting there

As of 2018, it was my first year as a professional photographer, making a good enough living out of it. Cycling was just a hobby back then.

But as everything I do, hobbies become passions, and passions become obsession. I strive everyday to become better at what I do and cycling was no exception. I quickly improved to the level that I am today. But all that cycling progression story is for another video.

Over the last year, I’ve slowly started to lose interest in working for other brands, creating content that other people want, content that had to follow specific guidelines, with specific scripts, content that didn’t make sense to me, It wasn’t making me truly happy and proud. But when it pays top dollars for it, I had to keep my mouth shut because I am blessed to have made it into the photography industry. Probably one of the harder industries to become a full time professional.

To circle back to why I started YouTube, well it all thanks to COVID 19. Here’s a graph from my 2019 revenues and from 2020 between March and August. Yup. 10 000 average per month during the high season got down to a solid sub 1000$ a month. All my gigs were cancelled or postponed. Being a freelancer, you are the first one to be cut out of budgets by companies. I’ve maybe lost more than 75 000$ in revenues this year. It's definitely a bummer, but since I was responsible with my finances in the recent years while always keeping my expenses low, I had a big enough cushion to survive.

Making meaningful, inspirational and entertaining videos on YouTube has been a dream of mine for the last 10 years. I’ve made several attempts at making it a thing. From my first video production company, to my longboard videos, to a cooking show, to a photography lifestyle vlogs, to a technology educational channel, to Virtual reality videos. Man I’ve done it all. I’m going to leave a few links in the description below the like button if you want to have a good laugh!

All of those videos did not grab any traction at all. Some videos were getting a few hundred views, a few with over 1000s. I did enjoy making these videos, but I didn’t find the purpose or the motivation to keep going, and quitted every time. But those first experiences taught me so much.

You look at my channel right now and you see, wow I’ve grown from 0 to 7000 subscribers in 6 months. Actually no, it took me 10 freaking years to figure it out. Work on my craft as a content creator, gathering all my equipment, learning how to build relationships with brands, and the most important, knowledge.

But let's get back to this youtube channel. As I said earlier. The timing was perfect, I have all the knowledge to do well on youtube, I had lots of free time thanks to COVID19, It was just a matter of putting in the work.

So one video after the other, scripting, shooting, editing, posting, scripting, shooting, editing, posting and repeating over and over, I did not stop.

Since June, I posted 60 videos, each of them took me between 8 to 15 hours of work in total. That’s a total of 660 hours of work. So never call me lucky for being where I am, I’ve put in the work.

Now at over 7000 subscribers and 600 000 views across my channel, I think it’s mission accomplished for 2020. I had the goal of 5000 by the end of the year, and I’ve crushed that.

Next year, let’s reach 25 000 together.

So what can you expect for 2021? Oh man, lot’s and lot’s of good content. From bike builds, to product reviews, to adventures, to racing. I have a lot of things in the works. I am committed to do between 1 and 2 videos every single week.

I’m almost ready to make the jump to become a full-time cyclist, I’ll still do some photography gigs here and there, but now I’ll be more selective with the work I’m taking on. Because every time I take a photography project, it’s time that I cannot invest in making a new cycling video.

So, to wrap this up, I want to say a huge thank you to every single of you guys out there. That’s you who watches my video, that’s you who thumbs up every video for the algorithm to push my content to even more people, that’s you who leave a comment, that’s you who share my videos to your friends ,that’s you who support the companies that I partnered with. It helps more than you can think of.

So cheers to 2020, you’ve opened up lots of opportunities for me, and I can’t wait to see what next year has for me.

I wish everyone a wonderful New year's eve, allright my name is Charles I’ll see you guys on the road, or into the next video

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