The Ultimate Guide To FALL / WINTER Cycling Clothing!!! Try-On Haul

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riding in the fall can be so difficult because of the fast changing temperatures it can be warm it can be cold it can be wet it can be sunshine so you need to dress up properly in today's video i will go over my favorite outfits from 15 to 20 degree 10 to 15 5 to 10 and 0 to 5 degrees celsius stick with me it will be a good one for this kind of weather it's easy there's a few options available here you can have your favorite bibs i recommend that you have a thicker jersey in this case here i have this wool marino jersey from seven mesh it's a little bit thicker it's too warm for those warm summer days but it's perfect for fall because it just keeps you a little bit more warm in addition to that jersey i always start my ride with a wind vest what i like about wind vest is that you can easily open them and close them if you go up a hill or down a hill super light they block the wind and they keep your torso warm while your arms can evacuate the heat and i also think it gives you a lot of style points i personally like the fact that when you have a black wind vest any colored jersey on there will look so good i do not recommend vest that has no pockets it's really annoying when you have it tied up to access your pockets there is this little hole here but it's when you're riding it's really hard to have your hand going up and then down to grab your thing and then back up and if there's maybe rain on the forecast but it's not 100 sure i will bring with me this really light gore-tex jacket from seven mesh so this jacket is a sub 100 gram it folds up into its own pocket which becomes really really small it easily fit into the back pocket of your jersey and what i like about this gore-tex jacket is that well it's waterproof the rain will not go onto your skin and it's still breathable it's not as breathable as a wind vest but it keeps you dry when in bad temperature all right for this weather there's a lot more options you still go for your regular bibs in a thicker jersey you can still have the wind vest but now you can add arm warmers and leg warmers what i like about legs and arm warmers is that you can easily take them off roll them and put them in the back of your jersey they are lightweight and they are super warm and if you're not planning on removing those arm warmers i suggest you that you bring a wind vest what's great about wind vest is that they are super breathable but they won't keep you dry if it's raining in this case here of this wind vest there's only one back pocket which is really useful under the armpit ear there's barely any mesh so the heat can leave your body easily and it's not stuck there with you add that weather i also recommend that you have some really light shoe covers so in this case you have some gore uh they're just simply wind stopper if it's raining they're gonna get wet and your feet gonna get wet but they will block the wind and it does makes a huge difference to keep your toes warm you also have the option to put velo toes filters are great because they are aero they cut the wind but they do not evacuate heat at that weather always carry gloves here i have some cheap 15 bucks oakley uh those are my qrik gloves i called any gloves will do it you don't need fancy gloves for this kind of temperature if you know for sure that it will be raining i suggest you that you have a proper rain jacket here i got one from seven mesh it's full on gore-tex it's shorter in the front and longer in the back so when you are on your oods or in your drops it just looks good and it keeps you dry there's zippers on both forearms that give you easier access in because they are really really tight around their wrists because that's where you want it to be as aero as possible if it's too big or it's too loose it will flap in the wind and it will slow you down by a lot and also keep in mind that when it's raining the visibility is less good so i suggest you to have high visibility jackets in this case you have this bright orange you can be seen from far away which is a lot safer for you when you're in the road that has small shoulders a light is always good but to have a full-on reflective jacket or a bright colored jacket it will just keep you even more safe and if you know that it's going to rain for sure i suggest that you have those gloves these are from castelli they use this technology that they call nanoflex and it keeps the water away from the gloves the water just doesn't stick to it and it falls away so it keeps your ends dry [Music] this is my favorite temperature to ride outside the next outfit is brought to you by castelli canada so kesteli canada landed me a few pieces for this video and i'm super excited to share it with you guys so we have the tuto nanoflex jersey it's really nice because it still has the nanoflex technology i just explained so water will be repelled from that jersey but it's also super breathable because it's not gore-tex the jersey has three main pockets it has reflective details in the back and in the front and is the perfect jersey for this temperature the bib tight is called the nanoflex 2 it's a long bib i think it's a must in any cyclist closet to have at least one long bib it makes a big difference it fits a lot better than leg warmers here with the baby also have this nanoflex technology and reflective detail on the side on the hip and in the back on your calf combined with that jersey and bib i highly suggest you that you have some neoprene shoe covers and neoprene gloves what's great about neoprene is that it's like a wetsuit so the water will get in but your end will warm the water and it will keep you warm for the rest of the ride so it's a really interesting concept i've used it in the past and it does work and if it's not raining you're not gonna suffer under the neoprene what's great about neoprene is that it evacuates the heat and it blocks the wind from coming across this is a must in any cycling kit at least one set of neoprene shoe cover and one set of neoprene gloves i'm sure you guys are familiar with the quality of castell they always make some premium products so you know you won't be disappointed when you're going with castelli something else i like about those shoe covers is that you can use them for any type of riding so you can have regular boots under them you can have road shoes you can have gravel shoes you can have mountain bike shoes reflective detail once again on the side and in the back which is a must uh during fall because the sun go down earlier and most of the time we always finish our ride at the dark so always go with functionality and style when you can and i think you're castelli absolutely nailed it [Music] all right now the kind of weather that everyone will tell you it's too cold but when you are equipped you are totally fine to go outside so here i have a fully insulated jacket it can go down to -15 and minus 20. i've used it when i went on cross-country ski you just put more bass layer under it but for that zero to five degree weather it's perfect for me under it i suggest that you put a light jersey so in this case i have my seven mesh skyline so it's probably one of my lightest jerseys don't want to add up too much layers because it will block the heat from evacuating you're gonna get sweaty and then you're gonna get cold i have an insulated jersey that has rear pockets it's always nice what i don't really like about these this attacker one is that i feel like it should be a little bit longer in the back and shorter in the front but that's his personal details along that jacket i have the 7 mesh tk1 bib so it's a thick bib for winter riding it will keep your legs as warm as possible and you still have the comfort of a regular bib at that weather i strongly suggest you that you put again the neoprene shoe covers from castelli neoprene gloves and you can also have this neck warmer usually neck warmers are not my thing i feel like they are too warm for me i evacuate a lot of heat from my neck i guess and every time i put one on to be safe i remove it five or ten minutes into the ride alright this is it for today's video i hope the information i share with you guys will help you make your next purchase or will help you to gear up properly for your next fall ride i want to say a huge thank you to cassidy canada for lending me an outfit if you are into the montreal area cassidy are in pretty much any bike shop and i also want to say thank you to seven mesh to trust me as a professional photographer so we did a bunch of photo shoots in the last few months this is why i have a lot of seven mesh products i like their stuff they're canadian so check them out as well if you enjoyed this video please leave a thumbs up it's always really appreciated and it just makes a difference for me to get noticed on youtube and subscribe if you aren't already i have a lot more cycling content coming in in the next few weeks that you don't miss out all right for now i will go for a ride it's about 12 degrees outside so you know which outfit i will put on my name is charles and i'll see you guys on the road [Music] peace [Music] you

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