my first ever set of real bike tires were gp 4000 and a few months later i went with vitoria corsa to be sponsor correct with my team and i hated those tires so i got back under cunties a season later we had new vittorio tires from the team and unfortunately after a few weeks i got back on continental but this time on the gp 5000 but you know what i think i'm ready to give those new tires from pirelli a chance [Music] what's up guys my name is charles and welcome back to my cycling youtube channel in today's video we are taking a look at pirelli's brand new tube list ready tires and their clincher version full disclaimer apparently sent me those tires for free for a review but they have no control over what i'm saying in today's video neither approve it before it goes live let's jump into it so pirellis are not a widely known brand because they just recently did a comeback after a long time off but they do have a long history in road cycling dating back to the first giro d'italia in 1909 where 30 out of 49 racers were on pure release tires they have over 100 years of expertise in motorsports which led to the development of the is performing tire in the world according to them world tour teams trex alfredo and mitchelton scott both works on the development of their new tires so you know their products are up to the world's best road racers expectations let's have a look at the two sets of tires they sent me so first of all we have the clincher version it's been around since 2017 it comes in three different sizes 23 25 and 28 millimeters wide and for myself i got the 25 millimeters because i do think it's the best compromise between comfort aero and rolling resistance it boasts their f1 technology called the smart net silica compound where the rubber is composed of 17 elements that is designed to maximize performance the researchers that work on this project are also the same researchers that work on the f1 compound so that is really convincing to me that there's quality research involved into this process the compound's molecular weaving contributes to the natural puncture protection without adding weight to the tire structure and prolonging its longevity over time this leads to decrease the heat and the rolling resistance the smart net silica also have an empty cluster ability and a natural element affinity with water resulting in improved wet performance and to be honest for myself i always want tires that do hold up well in the wet because it can always rain and when you come down hills or you go through air pins or tight corners red light the last thing you want is your tire to slip in water so this is a really nice feature from the pirellis tire to be able to have improved wet performance uh compared to other rivals or other products on the market coming in at 205 gram for the 25 millimeters clincher version this is a great all-around racing tire that is designed for you to go faster that is designed for you to have control even their slogan is called power is nothing without control and i do agree with this statement that control is the key let's now have a look at their newly released product the tubeless ready version this tire is the one that i'm the most excited for available in four different size 24 26 28 and 30. this tire has a brand new compound called smart evo it used a new formulation that enhanced the already excellent performance of the smartnet celica from the velo line and with a tubeless setup the last thing you want is a puncture so this is why there's this brand new technology called the tech wall plus which reduce the chance of puncture without adding any bulk or weight to the tire you can be confident that you have a lot less chance of puncture when you are out in the wild or in the middle of nowhere on a big ride saving you an expensive cab ride back home the tubeless tire are a little bit more heavier because there's a lot more material on both sides to be able to hook themselves to the rim without having any air loss so let's say i got this 270 grams for the 26 millimeter wide version but keep in mind that you don't have a 100 gram tube inside yes there's sealant that has a little bit of weight but in overall it's pretty much the same it's just a few grams difference so i don't think weight is a big issue here when you go to this something really interesting about the new packaging is that they have included straight into the box all the information you need to write with the tires you see exactly which psi you should run according to your weight what psi to go for if you are looking for more comfort or more performance what psi you should go for if it's wet or under cold temperature this chart is really handy and i will keep this box for future reference also note that both tire rim compatibility has been developed under the etrto which stands for european tires and rim technical organization which work towards the goal to standardize the industry so this is a big plus to make sure that your wheels will fit with your tires all right now that we know more about the purely tires what's my thought on them well to be honest i'm really looking forward to put them to the test into an upcoming video their claims are super interesting and i'm always looking for any edge advantage over my opponents or my friends on local group rides so i can make sure that i always drop them on climbs or ride them off my wheel on flat roads i like their branding around the wheels and i'm confident that it will deliver the performance i expect as a bike racer when i received the tires i posted them to my instagram stories a few people message me right away telling me how much they love their pirellis how grippy they were and how fast they were into straight lines so i'm definitely looking forward to that what i'm not looking forward to is to replace my current tubeless setup on my hyper wheels the install is a lot more complicated and hard than on the regular clinchers tires version but i do think it's really worth it more on that into the upcoming video if you missed my video last month about setting up a tubeless tire with my friend nicola have a look it's right there watch it after this video we're just messing around in this garage saying jokes working on the on our bikes because we're so passionate about them so uh it's just a fitting video just have a look after this one and all right that's it for today's video if you enjoyed leave a thumbs up it's always really appreciated and it does makes a difference for me to get noticed on youtube and subscribe if you aren't already i have a lot more cycling content coming in next few weeks that you don't want to miss out i want to say a huge thank you to pirelli for sending in the tires and i'm really looking forward to go on the road it's just like a little bit cold right now i've been in touch with pirelli since august and the tubeless radio were just not available they were sold out for uh their first batch so i think that's why it took so long for me to get the tires and as of right now like the weather is not really with us it's like four or five degrees rain right now for the whole week so hopefully i will get this video done before the winter starts here in montreal all right my name is charles and i'll see you guys on the road or into the next video peace [Music] you

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