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Finally a CHEAP Carbon Handlebar You Can TRUST!

We’ve all done it, going through the Aliexpress rabbit hole of integrated handlebars, seeing it’s unbelievable pricing right?

100$ for a fully integrated aero handlebar, what a bargain right? Well if I was you, you gotta be careful when choosing which cheap carbon handlebar you go for

What’s up guys, my name is charles and welcome back to my cycling youtube channel. If you are familiar with my channel, you’ve probably seen my winspace frame and wheels review. Well, in today’s video, I’ll be sharing my experience riding a cheap fully integrated aero handlebar from a chinese company, and this one is, without any surprise, it’s winspace

But DISSSSSCLAIIIIMMMMERRRRR, Winspace provided me this frame, wheels and bar for free in exchange of photos from my professional photography business refinedmoment. I am in no way obligated to make youtube videos and reviews, and I’m free to see whatever I want, they are seeing these videos going live at the same time as you. And I do recieve a kick-back from the sales when using my 10% off discount code charlesouimet10 on their website.

Ok with that out of the way. Let’s get into the video

Back in 2019, I had my eyes on this Aliexpress all in one aero handlebar and stem from a brand called ToSeek, it was about 150$. But I never pulled the trigger since I was scared of it’s reliability. Plus there wasn’t any trustfull reviews about it at the time.

And thank god I did not buy this one from Aliexpress, this cycling Youtuber, queen of chinese bike products Trace Velo, behind the king, joe from china cycling, showcase in a recent video his buddy’s ToSeek handlebar. aaaannnndddd It was broken in half.

There is also counterfeits bars on Aliexpress, they are even cheaper there is ENVE copies, 3T copies and a few more brands. Those bars, definitely stay away from if you intend some serious riding. There is not any warranty on them and they are most likely to fail over time, due to their poor manufacturing and material quality.

When I approched Winspace for a potential collaboration and they offered me their fully integrated aero handlebar, I have to say, at first, I was like, ehhhhhhhhh, I wasn’t too confident. But I decided to give it a shot.

After 4000km on this handlebar, I got to say, it isn’t cheaply made. Let’s dive into it’s specs and testing and then I’ll share my full experience


So the bar is integrated with the stem, which in my opinion, looks SO SO good. It comes in 5 different stem lenght from 85 to 125mm and 4 different width from 380 to 440mm. The handlebar supports a shimano A junction box like I have on my bike and comes with a sleek out-front GPS mount.


Several strength impact testing and a fatigue test has been done and both test surpass industry standards according to their website, but let me call my man Joe and see if they have video footage of these testing

My experience

I’ll go straight to the point, I freaking love it. It’s extremely stiff, I feel really confident throwing huge sprints, the flatter surface makes it more comfortable for the wrist when in a top of the hood aero position. It looks so sleek and clean with all the cables hidden inside the bar and stem.

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