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Bont Vaypor S Review

Bont Vaypor G Review

Bont Helix Review

If you think you have good cycling shoes, wait until you put your feets inside these ones from Bont, just like me, you’ll never go back.

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So let’s talk about cycling shoes, probably the most important point of contact between you and your bike, it’s more important than the saddle and the handlebars. Your shoes are where 100% of your power output goes to the drive train, your shoes are your direct connection with your bike. So, this equipment should definitely not be neglected. A good cycling shoe will make a huge difference in your performance in terms of power output and comfort. I have experienced a few different brands such as Giro, Specialized and Northwave, but I ended up selling these shoes when I discovered Bont shoes last summer.

Bont cycling sent over their top of the line road and gravel shoes for me to ride this year, so in today’s video, we will take a deeper look at them, what are the difference between the Helix, Vaypor S and Vaypor G, how can you find the perfect size for you, we’ll mold them in the oven and I’ll share my final thoughts on it. Stick until the end of this video for a sweet discount code. Allright let’s get into this video

Let’s first talk about the Vaypor S. I’ve been on the shoes for the past 8 000 kilometers, and man, I have nothing but good stuff to say about it. Designed for speed and comfort, It’s unidirectional carbon monocoque chassis with durolite upper and faux suede leather line makes for a perfect construction. Bont claims that it’s the most efficient power transfer platform currently available, and I can certernaly vouch for that. Dual boa retention system is awesome, I freaking love the dual boa. You can easily release the tension mid-ride if you need more comfort, or you can tighten them to the maximum in preparation of a sprint. The air vents located in the frontal area really cool your feet down. The EVA thermo-moldable innersole also has holes for the air to pass through. I think that Bont's best selling point compared to other cycling shoe brands is that most of their shoes are heat moldable to your feet. At only 230 grams and available in a few color way, this 379 USD shoes is definitely on the expensive side, but if you are serious about cycling, this price tag is not that bad considering you’ll spend thousands of kilometers and hours on these shoes that has proper longitudinal arch support and anatomical forefoot shape and heel cup.

Now the Helix, another top of the line road cycling shoes. It has lots of similar features from the Vaypor S with its material, air vents, innersole, but this shoe has a different retention system and cable routing. The vayor S tension system goes from the inside of your foot to the outside, but here on the helix it’s the reverse, it goes the other way around. I’m not too sure how that compares on the bike as I haven’t really ridden the Helix yet. It’s something that I will be doing a dedicated video about in the near future. at 399$ and 260 gram, these shoes are slightly more expensive and heavier. For this model I went with a Reflex Ghost, so I have shoes that are more visible to cars when riding early in the morning or late at night.

The helix are unfortunately not available in all white, that’s unfortunate, but I got my all white vaypors for those extra style points for the instagram bangers photos ahahah

Both the helix and vaypor have really nice cleats position information, so you can replicate your cleats position exactly on both feet. I’m not a bike fitting expert, but in my experience, most of the time, cleats should be almost all the way at the bottom of the position and you should drop your saddle height a little bit. This is for maximum power output by pushing with a flat foot, instead of pushing with the toes or forefront of the shoe. Try that and I’m sure you can gain more than a few watts.

The next shoe we will quickly talk about is the Vaypor G, I’ll go more in depth into the Gravel series video, don’t hesitate to check out the playlist right here. but this shoes is basically a Vaypor S with SPD cleat mounting and better grip plate, bumpers, toe protector because when doing gravel, you are most likely to encounter rocks, dismount your bike more and go through dirt, so black shoes it is for me.

They also sent a pair of MTB+, these are a lot more affordable at 189$ USD because they are entry level, but I don’t have much more to say, I don’t know anything about mountain bikes. I simply did a photoshoot with those with a teammate and have these extra shoes. I guess you could use these shoes for gravel cycling too.

Most Bont shoes are available as semi-custom of full customization, but you’ll have to drop big money for this service at 539$ usd for the semi and 1 099$ for the full. Ouch. But you could go super creative and your shoes match perfectly your bike or team kit. In my case, I just prefer the plain and simple white shoe, but maybe in the future I could do a custom one, we’ll see!

Now let’s go through the fitting Bont shoe, this can be a hassle to pick the right one over the internet without fitting them first. Over 10 of your guys messaged me on instagram in the past weeks with questions about sizing, so I’ll do my best to cover this topic well. On Bont’s website, they have a wizard, you go to Support and Size Chart, Then you pick the model you want. In my case I’ll do the Vaypor S. You’ll need a paper, a pen and a ruler. By placing the sheet of paper against the wall. Place your heel against the wall at approximately 1mm and put your weight on the forefoot while keeping your heel firmly on the floor. Make a line from the longest part of your foot and the width.

Use a ruler to measure both feet length and width. And then enter the measurements of each foot, click go!

You see here it proposes me size 42,that’s what I got and it fits perfectly.

Next stem for a perfect fit is heat molding. So I’ll go ahead and do so with my Helix. Pre-heat to 70 degrees or 160 farahneight. Remove the cleats, mounting screws and innersole.

Place the shoe in for 20 minutes. Do not overheat the shoes as it can void your warranty and can damage it. Once the timer rings, take them out of the oven and let them cool a little bit before placing your feet in them, otherwise you might burn yourself. Once at the right temperature from feeling with your hands, place your feet inside and tight the straps. Not too much, but not too little, a firm retention. If there are any pressure points or discomfort, you can use the end of a screwdriver to press out any part of the shoe. If the fit is still not right, you can reheat mold the shoes as many times as you like.

So in conclusion, do I recommend the Bont shoes? My answer is a solid yes. These shoes meet my expectations as an elite cyclist, I feel they help me in my progression with better power transfer and unrivaled comfort for an extremely stiff shoe. Stay tuned for my in depth battle between the helix and the vaypor S, so far I’m really happy with the Vaypor S and I dont really want to change ahah, but for the sake of testing products for you guys, I’m gonna have to do it.

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Allright if you enjoy...

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