Dream Gravel Bike Build Disaster... w/ Jasper Verkuijl


0:00 Intro

01:03 Jasper Introducing himself

02:29 Jasper Level of racing in NL

03:23 Why He Started YouTube

05:14 Jasper is a Airline Pilot

07:59 Why Jump into the gravel world?

09:53 Why I want a gravel bike

10:36 What's next on his gravel series?

13:07 What was your biggest mistake on the build?

16:27 My experience building a bike

18:03 Your Local bike shop won't teach you

18:33 Jasper other mistake on the build

19:23 The story behind the crazy color match?

23:17 How long does Aliexpress parts took to arrive?

25:05 The Sensah Empire Groupset?

26:05 Any last tips & tricks to build a gravel bike?

28:23 What components do you have on your gravel?

29:56 Jasper on his flared handlebar

32:13 Our racing background VS the typical gravel cyclist

33:03 Road VS MTB pedals/cleets

35:29 What's coming in 2021?

37:09 Jasper is building a pump track

37:36 Upcoming video on his channel?

39:03 Can Jasper Guest ride on Mardi Lachine?

39:43 How do you Tune his Bike Fits?

43:55 Who would perform better in gravel? A Sprinter or Climber?

45:36 Any Interest in unsupported bikepacking racing?

47:39 Jasper Road Bike for 2021

48:38 What's your favorite dinosaur?

49:13 Ask your question to Jasper

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