what's up guys welcome back to my youtube channel in today's today I'm gonna show you how you can turn a garment melt into a well computer compatible mouth in just under 2 minutes alright let's go in today's they are all we're gonna need is a pair of scissors or you can use a knife or you can use a cable cutter and just a little bit of sandpaper anything to just smooth out the edges first of all what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cut this little edge on the side here so I can rotate the mount in either direction inside of this once this little edgier is cut make sure it fits in any direction mostly the opening on the side here and set up in the front so here we go so now I'll be able to flip it like that the next step we need to know what the garment amount is to open up this size ear so it's a little bit wider on both ends this way the while we can fit in enter we're going to use just a knife or scissors to work a way to open the gap alright alright fits so this is see if you're turning great I'm just gonna open up slightly more so it's easier to work with perfect so now before putting back the garment mount on this stand you're gonna make sure that you turn it 90 degree so the openings is from this side voila so it's maybe not as secure or like it doesn't snap in exactly like a wall mount would do but mister works it's still there's still enough resistance here for the row to not start turning around during your ride and if I wanna take it off here we go now that we know that the garment mount works with the wire we're just gonna smooth it up using a little bit of grip tape this is just to make it slightly nicer because the knife I used did not lay it leave a nice job since in my case I had to cut this little side bump here that went into this hole to prevent the mount from turning inside I'm going to add just a little bit of crazy glue at the under mount here to prevent it from turning and I'll be tiling this nut to the maximum I can [Music] and now just don't screw up the orientation so we wander the openings to be from on the sides right and then now I'm going to use the tiny screw and that came here with me mount and tied it as much as we can so here we have a really nice well computer on the government mount simple as that this is for today's bill if this was helpful for you don't forget leave a thumbs up it's always really appreciated and head over to my youtube channel I have a lot more cycling content that you probably will like it's right down there my name is Charles and I'll see you guys on the road or in the next video peace [Music]

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