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what's up guys welcome back to my youtube channel in today's video I'm gonna be unboxing a Chinese bike chinese wheels and the chinese fully integrated arrow drawbar why you might ask because it's gonna be my next race bike [Music] first of all let me introduce you to the breath when space has been designing and producing bikes since 2008 they owned their own factory where they also produce bikes for major North American and European brands their Factory is located in examine China also known as the capital of carbon fiber production so you know it's a good sign now that you know a little bit more about wind space I'm going to unbox their top-of-the-line Aero race bike and I can't wait to see it is a really nice packing job I have to say boom there it is alright let's talk about this frame that each 1500 so this frame is for the pros this frame is for the enthusiast who is looking for a way to go faster this frame is the perfect blend of aerodynamics stiffness comfort and lightness coming in at a thousand and fifty grams for the medium size there's an eye shape embedded header a unique detail design half water job two for superior aerodynamics performance its you see I approve there's BB 86 up to 28 millimeters of tire clearance there's a three years warranty you can either have it mechanical or di2 and the price start at fourteen hundred and eighty us okay wait so what where's mommy right my bike is finally ready [Music] is that is it done it's done hell yeah it was super easy super fast boss who the witness since Kelsey Wyoming scam Nirvana bollocks Kayla it's a guess 25 bucks when you fire it's a it's a narrow roof yeah damn that's points is just for fire well I still Felix how was it to build the winds face the wind space was a really nice bill that was really awesome to be able to be not too hard everything was just on point and the finish is is really spectacular just seeing the bike finally built is a great achievement for me and I really like it I hope you you like it too great thank you and you building building bike for a long time since I was 15 and then now I'm 30 so 15 years building bikes Gifford great well thank you so much Felix no problem man I will let you know how amazing it is wait yeah wait to see this Jill you build the wheels what can you tell about the hyper wheels well we can see that it's a really good mate will no imperfections on it I treat easy to put the tire on it no problem with them I can say I recognize a high quality will yeah when I see those you don't put this on its public assets just great reasons oh yeah there's the soundcheck just uncheck all right thank you so much [Music] [Music] all right I just in the first neighborhood ride with this T 1500 from wind space and so far I'm absolutely amazed with the build quality the right feel this bike is super stiff super light for this arrow profile and I just absolutely can't wait to bring it on the racetrack with the boys and in a future careers once they are restarted to build this bike I went with all Tigra di2 and everything is firm win space so the wheels is the IP wheels 50 mil deep the bar is called the one from win space as well and it's a fully integrated drop bar and the frame the t 1500 if you want to learn more about win space check out the link in the description to go to their website I've also included a discount code of 10% just use Charles Whitman ten at checkout for a great discount on your next bike and if you are interested I'll be doing a full review of this bike in the next two or three weeks I want to do at least a dozen comment on it just be sure I give you guys honest feedback on the bike if you enjoyed this don't forget leave a thumbs up it's always really appreciated and subscribe if you aren't already I have a lot more cycling content coming in the next few weeks my name is Charles and I'll see you guys on the road or into a next video [Music] and one more thing I want to say huge shout out to Josh from Villa Ike and Felix for building the bike Felix has over 15 years of experience building bikes and it's probably one of the only two guys I could trust to build a bike for me so Thank You Felix Thank You Josh [Music] you

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