Big Budget Cycling Clothes : A Closer Look at PEDAL MAFIA

Dernière mise à jour : 23 avr. 2021

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In the same price-range as Rapha, Pas Normal Studios, Assos, Maap, and a lot more, PEDAL MAFIA is one brand to keep in mind. Their minimalist style and high-quality material make for a great kit choice!

So when you are new to cycling and you looked at the high-end cycling clothing for the first time, your jaw probably dropped a few times. Bibs shorts and jerseys can be SOOO expensive, in today’s video we’ll find out if you actually need it, or not.

300$ US bibs shorts and 180$ jerseys are common amust several brands such as Rapha, Pas Normal, Assos, Maap and a lot more brands. Do you really need it? Is it worth it? I got these questions asked a dozen of times. In today’s video, we will take a deeper look at one of these high-end brands called Pedal Mafia

Pedal Mafia are from Perth, Western Australia and have been around a long time. I’m a big fan of their branding because of their photography style. As some of you know, I’m a professional photographer, and when you look at their instagram and mine, the creative style is definitely aligned. They were kind enough to send over a few pieces for me to analyse, test and give my feedback for you guys. Stick until the end of this video for a sweet discount.

So Pedal Mafia have three lines of products for bibs and jerseys at different price point, the Core, the Pro, and the PMCC. The core being the most affordable one to PMCC to the most expensive one. I don’t have the core line here so we will focus on the other ones.

So what makes the PMCC Bib and Jersey in a league of its own, starting with the bib. First, It features an invisible pro length leg gripper. As you can see here, this huge grip band is the widest I've ever seen, and it's probably one of the most comfortable one too. It keeps the bib nice and tight at the exact length you want it to be. The high density shock absorption technology chamois of 149kg/m squared has 5 layers of TRS2 and is antimicrobial, something you don’t see quite often in cycling bibs, it allows stiffness and support on the pelvic sit bones. Combining french and italian fabrics that is laser cut, it feel extremely comfortable on the skin and looks great, you barely see any stiches

The Mesh here near the belly is again super high quality, it goes higher than some of my other bibs which is great. Strap are soft and offers great support.

Moving on to the PMCC Jersey. Minimal aesthetic, this jersey does it all. Seamless body templates with Laser cut sleeves with invisible arm grippers are a longer length than you are used to. It makes for some aero and definitely style gains. A Silicone waist lining to keep the jersey low on your bib at all times is a nice addition. Nothing is worse than a jersey going up in the back. The Riplock zipper feels strong and lightweight and the rear pocket offers lots of storage without looking too bulk and looks extremely durable. Note this zipper for credit card and keys is always appreciated in jerseys. The combination of of PMCC bib and jeysey is now my #1 ranked kit after my 7Mesh Skyline and RK1 and Rapha Pro Team kit. At 249 usd for the bib and 189 for the jeysey, it’s definitely a high pricetag, but you get what you pay more in terms of comfort and features.

Now the middle line of Pedal Mafia, the Pro Bib Classic.

It packs the same chamois as the PMCC and same gripper length but a different sticky fabric. What’s different is the fabric that feels a bit less elastic and a little more thick than the PMCC but nonetheless a really good one. Body is 85% nylon and 15% polyester and the sleeves are 75% poly and 25% elastane. This is a nice combo.

at 199$ for the bib and 179$ for the jersey, It’s definitely again on the more expensive side due to it’s high quality. After trying both PMCC and PRO kits, I do believe that the PMCC is worth the 50$ more for the bib and extra 10$ for the jersey.

Pro Vest

With pockets and reflective pocket piping, this vest is a perfect accessory for staying safe on our roads.

With a huge focus on cut and quality, we obsessed over finding the best materials to create the Pro Vest. This vest is constructed with a water-resistant front panel combined with a super soft and breathable rear panel. Easily packable, this cycling gilet will become a staple piece for any riders wardrobe.

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