Beginner with $10 000 ROAD BIKE vs EXPERT with $5.25 CITY BIKE

okay so if you start this title and in today's though we are having a amazing battle so it will be myself uh expert slash semi-pro cyclist i will be racing my good friend sam who is behind the camera he has never ridden a road bike in his life so my buddy sam will be on my win space and i will be racing him on a big c on a city bike this bike cost me five dollars for the whole day to rent so it will be a really interesting race what's up everyone my name is charles and welcome back to my cycling youtube channel if you're new here don't forget to hit that subscribe button and in today's do as i just mentioned we will race each other on the famous racetrack that we have here in montreal the circuit de villeno some will go by himself i will go by myself we're going to time both runs and we'll see who is faster a beginner on a super bike a 10 000 bike or myself an expert on a bixi bike hey sam looking good on a fresh kit yeah how does it feel to look like a cyclist now oh it's the first time i'm pretty excited i don't know how to feel on that bike because it's pretty scary it's maybe a little bit small for you right yeah yeah it's a bit small but it'll be fine for today do you know what to do uh i think i need to slot this capitals is backwards oh almost yeah just yeah okay got it here's one oh yes first clip in let's go before we get started with the race me and sam will just gonna do one lap around the track sam are you excited i'm pretty excited it's the first time i'll try to beat him i'll try to beat him alright so the bike of sam is definitely too small for him [Music] oh i [Music] all right so we did the first lap some out in the field to finally be on a road bike and do a lap around cgv it feels really good man are you ready to race now yeah i'm ready [Music] uh [Music] yeah all right three two [Music] [Music] sure oh [Music] he's going so hard this my bus [Music] so how does it feel man i gave everything dude how was that man that was a huge huge report by myself i pushed way too hard the whole time and i just by the end the wind was so strong just trying to push push push but man it's hard who won the race you did the one eight ten eight ten yeah so you won the race by five seconds i think so all right so we have the winner of the race and it's sam congrats sam so it was a really close battle and i'm super stoked on this because first we got to introduce sam to cycling sam has been uh filming a lot of my cycling video in the past few weeks and months so sam will you get again on a bike yeah for sure definitely next season i'm gonna try this and also to follow you guys on the path of cycling maybe yeah feels healthy to do it it feels good all right this is it for today's video if you enjoyed please leave a thumbs up it's actually makes a difference for me to get noticed on youtube subscribe if you aren't already have a lot more cycling content coming in the next few weeks that you don't want to miss out but now we need to bring back the city bike back to its rack we paid 5.25 for it to rent it this afternoon and trust me it was totally worth it alright my name is charles and i'll see you guys on the road or into the next video peace so turns out it's one of the last beautiful day of the season and we're at the racetrack we have a lot of homies that are coming so it's time to jump on my bike put on my shoes and go rip some laps here with the boys let's go so [Music] uh you so [Music] so so [Music] [Music] [Music] you

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