A New Era of SPORTS MASKS For Cycling - NAROO Review

Dernière mise à jour : 19 avr. 2021

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0:00 Sports Masks Advantages for Cycling

1:57 NAROO Product Family

2:10 Z5H Winter Mask

3:45 F5S Pollen & Dust Mask

4:46 N1 Summer Mask

5:28 F1S Pollen & Dust Mask

6:06 Wrapping on Sports Mask for Cycling

Facemask became the standard in 2020 and 2021 for everyday usage, but dedicated sports mask offers a lot more benefits you can think of, for cyclists.

So in today’s video, we will dive into face masks for outdoor cycling. What are their usage for and what are their benefits from using them?

NAROO is a company that focuses on breathing solutions for sportspeople, they are South Korea-based and have been in the sports mask business since 2002. Let’s first discuss the potential problems related to breathing and how a NAROO mask offers a great solution.

Pollen and dust particles are both a great cause of respiratory problems. Research shows that the pollen season negatively impacts performance, it can cause shortness of breath and fatigue, making it difficult to exercise for long periods of time. Endurance athletes like myself inhale more allergens due to our long rides outdoors. I am personally affected by this where pollen season is always striking me hard.

Another issue related to breathing is cold weather. Our lungs are made to process and create warm, humid air, not cold and dry air. Inhaling cold air may cause bronchial irritation, wheezing, coughing, and a painful burning feeling. Our lungs and organs are also receiving less air as they work harder, which can be dangerous. So a winter face mask will allow to breathe in and humidify the air entering the lungs, it covers the head, ears, face, and next maximize the warmth as well as UV and wind protection.

There is also an advantage to using sports masks in hot weather, but we will not focus on this in this video.

NAROO sports mask has an exclusive filtering fabric technology called MICRONET™, which filters 99% of ultrafine dust particles and pollen. The fabrics protect against particles and droplets as small as 1.7 microns.

Let’s dive into the product lineup. NAROO product names are broken down in these categories. The family of the mask is represented by a letter, then a number for the thickness and then the length of the mask

The first mask we will take a look at is the Winter mask. The Z5H uses the EX-BONE's, air room to prevent the lenses from getting foggy, it packs special stitching and fabric that regulates the body’s temperature. This mask is comfortable and stays in place, so you don't need to readjust it.

The second mask is the N1, which is optimized for summer sports. It’s thin, breathable, moisture-wicking, cool to the touch. This mask provides protection from the sun without feeling too stuffy or hot. The mask also provides protection from the wind. We are in mid-march, it’s 10 degrees right now, so not the ideal temperature to test this mask, but let’s still take it for a ride.

The next three masks we’ll take a look at are the pollen and pollution protective ones. The F.U Plus Copper, the F1S, and the F5S all pack their MICRONET™ filter fabric The FU Plus copper is more of a regular facemask, stylish for everyday wear, it has adjustable earloops and a bendable nose clip.

The F1S and F5S are similar in terms of features with the MICRONET™, the UV block, the elastic ear loop. But the F1S is a lot thinner and the F5S.

Watch the video for further details!

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