5000 KM W/ A CHINESE CARBON BIKE... All Your Questions Answered! Winspace T1500D

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what's up guys welcome back to my cycling youtube channels in today's do i will answer most of the questions that i receive almost every day on my instagram and on my youtube comments so in the past i've been doing three or four videos about my wind space bike so one review one video about the build one video about the wheels and uh upcoming video about the handlebar that i'm super excited to share but with a great success of those videos a lot of you guys know me and most of the time it was the same question and i was spending a lot of time typing the respawn back on my smartphone so in today's video i did a poll on instagram and i did a poll on youtube and i will be answering most of you guys questions let's get started with youtube questions because right now youtube is my favorite social media also i want to mention i did not prepare any answers so i will go with the flow and i will answer the question to the best of my knowledge right now and if i don't have the answer i'll be like too bad question number one how comfortable and stable the bike is this one is a little bit hard to answer because the stability of a bike will also go with the width of the handlebar and the length of the step in my case i went with the 110 length stem and a 40 wide handlebar and for me it's just perfect it never got twitchy into corners or going high speed i've went nearly 100 kilometers an hour in a video right there you can watch this one just the bike geometry itself is designed for speed and it's designed for racing so i don't think you should be any worried about the stability of the bike for the sizing i will get back to this question a bit later interesting about the wheels how they perform versus other expensive wheels do you feel they will last or they will break down easily really good question so prior to the ip wheels i had nvs envies were probably the best wheel i've ever ridden uh they feel somewhat comparable to the hyper i did not see that much of a big difference it just it's a stiff carbon wheel aerodynamic uh light as well so it's good for climbing too but the envy is three times the price of the iper so you could get three sets of ipad for the price of one envy uh to be honest it's a no-brainer at this price cost and the performance difference i did not see enough difference to justify the price of an envy more general question everyone's talking about compliance either manufactured or into a frame and or seat post or added via suspension dampening with these making their way into the road scene what's all your thought and opinion on it compliance i mean the wind space bike is extremely stiff it's designed for racing is it all like a marketing gimmick that their compliance is getting getting the bike more comfortable i mean just lower the psi of your tire by 5 psi and you will get that comfort this is what i think if you're looking for a raised bike i don't think you should look at comfort if you are looking for a bike to just be comfortable on this bike is not for you this bike is extremely aggressive this bike is meant to be an aero position all the time i just think that right now those compliance hype is maybe not worth it can you talk about the carbon spokes and the up quality on your ip wheels and your impression on them perhaps in relation to more widely known hubs and spokes as i mentioned in my wheel review i have had nvs before and nvs do have aluminum spokes uh as soon as you get on the wheels with carbon spokes you feel the difference right away i felt that as soon as you press power down the pedal it just directly transferred to the ground with aluminium spokes the hub was slightly flexing with giving a little delay uh with carbon spokes you don't feel that it's direct to the ground and i prefer that do you have any information about the less expensive lon wheel set offered by wind space any experience or with you i did not try the less expensive wheels so wind space came out with this new wheel called the lun it's retail about like 700 and so it's about 400 less than the hyper aluminum spokes but still carbon rim aero profiled i'm really looking forward to try this wheel i message my my people at windspace to see if they can send a set over joe if you're listening this video uh you know my address ship me one people are waiting for those review but at that price if those will offer the performance i require as a chat one racer i will be recommending them uh every single time because the price is so low you can replace them easily if you crash them i'll definitely have a deeper look into it if you're making any trouble building up the bike especially with the cable routing in the frame slash and all bar to build the bike my mechanics felix had no issue at all for everything except for the cable routing in the build video like uh it was sarcastic when he said it's easy it's easy it was super easy it was super easy it was the easiest build i've ever built because ed spends a lot of time uh passing the di2 cable through the handlebar because you need like those magnets from park tool or any magnets to route the cable it's something really hard that you might need some experience with a good bike shop mechanics who has experience with di2 and internal routing will do that in probably two minutes but if you are inexperienced and you want to do di2 cables through the end of the ball yourself uh you might run into trouble make sure you have those magnets or you can use like a fishing cable and with the vacuum on the other side and you fish that cable through and then after that you can tie your di2 cable to that fishing cable and you pull it through if you want to build it mechanical i've done my girlfriend bike mechanical myself it was my first build ever and i did not run into too many issues uh it was a bit complicated because it was my first bike but i nailed it but our bike got on the road in a day or two how does the ride compare to something like a sl7 well i didn't i never rode a sl7 from specialized i've heard it's a good bike but it's also a really expensive bike so if you're on a budget the wind space might be an answer if you have money floating around just go for the specialized you'll look like any other cool kids on the block with those sl7 bikes i would love to try the sl7 i just couldn't put my hands on one and they'll and there's this really funny response from a guy who said i'm sure he had a couple of spare sl7's to compare it to i found that coming funny to letch protein someone else ask what is your training program so 2019 i had a coach follow this strict training program winter 2020 at the start i had a coach and then at some point i didn't not really like the training it was giving me and i just told myself this i will go on my own so the whole 2020 season i had no coach i did zero structure training so i did just a lot and a lot and a lot of bass mileage so a lot of long distance ride with like a pace that i could sustain this whole time and then i also include in between those big ride a lot of intensity so going fast on the climbs try to beat my kom's time and um just by listening to my body i knew when i was too tired and i knew when i was feeling good so i was able to push myself so this is a tip i can tell you if you don't want to pay a coach for 200 a month or 100 a month just ride your bike a lot do a lot of long distance with low power and sometimes you short distance with a lot of power intervals and stuff i actually like the t-1500 frame but the aggressive geometry and the short head tube length require a lot of spacer under this under the stem for many riders that looks terrible in my opinion all right i think this the frame is only made for racing or for a few cyclists with a lot of mobility well yes this bike is designed for speed this bike is designed for racing it's not designed for an all-around bike wind space has another bike for it they have the t 1300 something like that this bike is a little bit more of a all-around bicycle so you could look into that bike but if you're into racing and beating your friends on those uh intermediate sprints the t500 is your bike for you all right that's it for the youtube comments now i will go on the instagram question i had uh if you don't follow me on instagram already just go ahead it's at shall we may i post a lot of cycling photos and content in my ride my adventures i'm behind the scene so definitely check me out over there all right now for the question on instagram better than any bike you have ever rode is it the aerial frame yes it's probably one of the best bike i ever rode so before i add a garno gen x a1 which was an aeroframe as well but that bike felt a bit weak and i did not really liked it i'm sort of glad the tsa broke the frame you can watch a video about it right there but wind space is a really good bike and yes it's an aeroframe as you see on my bike there's no cables at all it's all integrated just to save the maximum watts as possible when do you win a lachine really good question i hope it's going to be next year i have the hopes it's going to be next year to be honest the lashing race are every tuesday in montreal biggest race series in quebec so i'm really looking forward to do at least a podium next year my business will be really good can you build a equivalent of a tcr advance on this win space i don't know what the tcr advanced components are but if it's ultegra di2 or autograph mechanical or full-on mechanical uh yes you can build this bike with any group set that you want it's just a matter of you sourcing this group set from your local bike shop or to any online retailers does the chinese government pay you for this no the chinese government doesn't pay me for doing those videos but when space do send me some money every month those are a percentage of the sales that you guys use my promo code charles number 10 so as i mentioned in every of my win space blue every time you buy a bike using my promo code charles with a 10 you get 10 off but i do receive a little kit back from that cell so it's helping me find this youtube channel and become a full-time cyclist in the future months first i want to thank you for reviewing the t1500 great editing and an overall bonus review well thank you i appreciate your comments how would you rate this ride experience performance compliance to top other end bikes to be honest i would rate this bike that is 99 no okay i'll be like 95 of any other company's in bicycle for one third of the price so if you want this little five percent of performance comfort all-in-one lightness into this one bike go ahead with those giant specialized cannondale but you will pay at least two times the price if not more but if you take in mind the cost of this bike and the cost of the other bikes the choice is easy is it worth to upgrade to the bottom bracket to sea bear ceramic speed bb infinite or mb knees i haven't tested any of those bottom brackets i would love to try them uh i know ambini's watch my videos so uh if you want to send me a bottom bracket i will gladly make a review out of it and uh and to test them out but i do think that the bottom bracket that comes with the wind space it's uh fsa but it's branded as wind space it's a decent bottom bracket and uh it comes with the frame so you maybe don't need to upgrade it but if you are a fancy gearhead uh yeah you can put anybody bracket you want how much performance is attributed to the frame is it 80 the rider and 20 bike in here that is a really good question um i think it would be more of the rider uh if you give myself a really low end 105 thousand dollar road bike i'm pretty sure i could beat a lot of people with my wind space so maybe 95 of the rider five percent the point possible to win space to disclose more our data wind tunnel test good question i will ask my contact joe to send me over a little bit more of data and i will share that to my instagram at shall we mess how often would the ceramic bb's on the iphone needs to be servers i don't have the sensor and i don't i don't know mechanics that much i would say once every two years or you just service them when you feel like they need to what's your feedback on the integrated handlebar compared to the vision metronome 5d uh i don't know about the vision metronome 5d but what i can say about the handlebar is that i really love it i will do a full review on it really soon but i just like the fact that there's no cable coming out of the cockpit at all i see those ten thousand dollar bike that still has a cable from from the shifters to the side of the frame and i think that is unacceptable for a bike that cost you this much money with the wind space if you go for di2 and hydraulic disc brake there will be no cables at all which looks good and my thoughts on the end of bar itself will be revealed into the review video so make sure you subscribe which size do you recommend if i am 5 foot and 11 so i am five foot six and i got the medium their wind space sizing is asian sizing so you have to make sure that you get the sea tube length correct so if i'm five six i got the medium and it fits me perfectly i would say you go for if you're 511 you will go for a large or extra large depending on on your body type windspace has a really good chart on their website and you can compare to the bike that you have right now you look at the seat tube the reach and the top tube length you compare to the wind space and uh it's fairly easy too or you can send a message to the the folks at winspace uh they usually respond super fast to questions like that about the sizing so don't hesitate to send them a message where did i buy my group set on wind space or into a bike shop so unfortunately as of right now windspace does not offer group set on their website you cannot order the bike with a group set installed you have to buy it somewhere else and build the bike yourself or to your local bike shop for myself i bought my group set on merlin cycle i'm not paid to say this uh this was the best price i could find on the internet the price on meredith cycle for the whole di2 this group set was like 1500 canadian for me my local bike shop even with like a cost price deal was higher than the the one in merlin but when it got to my house i had like a 300 uh fee for customs but it was still cheaper than buying it local how much does the bike cost me overall it's all gonna depend on the build you go for if you go mechanical or di2 or ceramic tap but if you go mechanical it can range between three thousand three eight and 500 usd if you go di2 or and this more about like 4 000 usd maybe a little bit more if you had to compare this bike to another one from different brand which one would you say probably the special revenge the geometry is somewhat really similar but for one third of the price do you prefer your hyper wheels to be tubeless or clincher good question i would say i like a lot more the two bliss i feel more confident that will not have any flats and i still do kv replacement two with me so it's just a win-win red feel is a lot better and you can ride with lower psi it just feels a lot better so i will go with two bliss should i go with disc or a rim version if you want to be future proof again i'll go with this i was debating if i was going mechanical and rim but a good thing i invested in this uh the future is going forward to disc wheels so don't mess around and just jump ahead into the disc uh bike setup and you won't regret it in the future what settle do i use i have the pro stealth uh app it's the best settle for me i like it a lot and i've never had any uh issues or rash down in my jewelries mechanical or electronic if you have the budget electronic 100 if you don't it's fine it's called mechanical there's a ulta girl mechanical or 105 mechanical is good enough for everything it's just if you're a princess like me and you ride your bike a lot just go electronic it's a lot less maintenance and it's always the shifting is a little bit faster and you always uh i feel you can always count on electronic as a mechanical the cable can get loose you have to fix it more from time to time so i'll go with electronic what about the slc from windspace slc is their climbing bike it's their super light bike i haven't tried it yet looking forward to try one again joe um send me one people are asking for it slc is a really interesting bike the frame is around 700 grams which is extremely light so you can build yourself like a five kilo or six kilogram bike with that uh frame for sure and i will do that gabrielle's bike is harder than mine gabrielle is my girlfriend she has a wind space t1500 as well but hers is in xmal and her paint job is killer uh it's like this bird is in blue so either you look it's blue or uh you look from another angle it's purple you can go watch the build video right there all right this is it for today's video i hope i answered your question correctly and if you are in the market for a new bike definitely check out the wind space bikes uh use my protocol charles with 10 for 10 off at check out if you enjoyed this video leave a thumbs up it's always really appreciated and subscribe if you already already have a lot more cycling content coming in the next few weeks all right my name is charles and i'll see you guys on the road or into the next video peace [Music] you

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