2021 SPECIALIZED ALLEZ SPRINT PETER SAGAN EDITION!!! World's Most Stylish Blacked-out Bike?!

[Music] oh yeah oh it's a new bike day for tristan i feel like a snake i have a new skin uh it's unbelievable it's fast it's light it's rigid rigid zero flex made of aluminum tristan are you a fan boy peter sagan i don't don't like him but i'm not especially a fan but i'm a fan of uh there's a whole black toy maybe uh maybe i can push f is what because you're a self-proclaimed sprinter am i right self-proclaimed sprinter so you have this excuse on every climb while you're dropping climbs is because you're a printer exactly right so so i figured i'll get a sprinter bike i mean that's his name right alice prince so now i'm like i have the perfect excuses like i'm scared of like no he'll scare me anymore because i have the perfect got it got it should we go for a quick spin yeah let's go [Music] blue [Music] for the gear ads out there what is your build what is your component yo this is the specialized 2021 peter sagan alice print pair up with a wheel set of 55 millimeters by woven the d55 we got a ultegra group set 5236 because still want to make sure i get up those times built a garage di2 11 30 in the back even if it's uh completely decked out with the ultira it's uh we got some beautiful black and silver dura ace waters just uh 160 in the front 140 in the back because racing 19.8 pounds that is really precise for uh for a 58 size frame because uh long legs tall boys it is really light for an aluminium bike so pretty stoked the bike was purchased you can purchase there at and can you tell me what is this sticker this is the phone with fallen sticker this is the branding for our good friend bicycle legend andreas so he's the best mechanic in whole montreal the only person i trust with my bikes especially because i don't trust myself but he is the genius so uh for all your bike need fun so tristan you're the star of the day for this video can you at least do my outro i know you're the biggest fan you do it well yes it's an honor so everyone thanks for watching don't forget to like comment and subscribe and come back next week for more cycling videos it's not exactly how i do it but i guess [Music] you

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