10 Sprinting Tips EVERY Cyclist Should Know...!

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I hope you learn a trick or two :)

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Do you want to be a better sprinter?

Do you want to drop your friends onto those finish lines ?

Do you want to win a bike race ?

I'm going to give all my tips for you guys to improve your sprint. We're gonna go over all my tips for you guys to have a better sprint. There are a bunch of small little details that when you add them it's going to improve your sprint by so many watts. You're going to start beating your friends on every single attacks definitely. Look at this whole video, i'm going to share all my tips.

Disclaimer: I'm not a world tour sprinter, I'm not peter sagan or mark Cavendish, but these guys don't make cycling youtube videos. I feel like i'm a good enough of a sprinter to share all of these information with you guys.

Tip #1

Sprinting doesn't actually start when there's a sprint. You should think about your sprint at least a kilometers before.

Tip #2

Tightening your shoes does makes a difference when preparing for the sprint. When you're ironing into the draft, make sure that your shoes are really well tight. If you have the boa system, I really recommend that you have boa system onto your cycling shoes. You just have to give it a couple clicks and make sure that the tension is really high and that your feet is in place.

Tip #3

Actually not even made on the bike, but just to make sure that all your equipment is correct make sure all the bolts are tied in your stem because if you have any doubts when coming up to a sprint that your handle bar might come loose or your wheel might go off or you might lose a pedal or you might unclip accidentally. Make sure you do everything to be confident. Make sure your equipment is actually on point and you trust it and you know everything has been made correctly and it's safe.

Tip #4

Do not start your sprint too early. Starting your spring too early is just giving a big lead out to your buddies, so that's something that you do not want. You need to know more about yourself if you're more of a 200 meter splinter or 300 meter splinter or 400 meter splinter. In my case, i'm a 200 meter sprinter you really need to be patient and not jump too early. It's really easy to you start, to see what the other guys are doing.

Tip #5

Do not start spinning into the wheel of someone. A good strategy that we see all the time into the world tour is that you want some effect of surprise and you want to gain speed before you start passing the guy in front of you. So what you want to do, is you start to leave a little bit more of a gap between you and the guy in front of you. Maybe a bike length of gap, not more than that, because you will be working more against the wind but you want to start an acceleration early from behind and you actually right you accelerate you accelerate and then you go out of the draft and then you already have those few kilometers more than the guy in front of you can find it in a sprint and finish the job but on the right hand side.

Tip #6

The effect of surprise. You don't want to be gearing up and start to go because the guy in front of you will hear the gears and he will ramp up at the same time. So you want maybe to be sure that either your drive chain is silent, it's not. It doesn't make too much noise shifting and you really don't want to make too much noise with your mouth or with the rest of the body because then it will alert the whole pelton that you're going strong. So you really want to start to ramp up and push into peloton but without getting noticed this will maybe let you fly away a little bit more and create a gap and create some unexpected reaction from the rest of the peloton.


so you've done everything mentioned. Before you just launch your sprint with a few more kilometers and now it's just about to go all out, but it's not about going all out with no technique. The technique is super important when sprinting so you really want to balance the bike from left to right under you you really want to engage your core. This is something that people do not think a lot about, engaging the core because all the power from your arms and from your ends that are to your drop bar needs to be transferred all the way down to the legs and if your core is weak this is a lot of energy that will be lost so really start to engage those abs and engage the core and make sure that everything is tight here so all the power from the arms are transferred directly to the pedals so you will gain more speed.

Tip #9

Keep the head down but still look in front, if you start to sprint with your hold your chest up and you're really high and far from the ground there will be more wind slowing you down and i would suggest that you always keep your eyes on the road. Do not take your head down and look at the ground. You don't know like where you're going like that it's dangerous for the people around you and it's not really gonna give you that much of an advantage.

Tip #10

Do not celebrate too early. We all saw a lefty late last year, so make sure that you push all the way to that finish line and push like still a little bit after the finish line. You don't want to get jump on the line and that would be a bummer.

So this sums pretty much all my tips for sprinting. There's still a lot of few more tips such as make sure your gearing ratio is right. Make sure you're always on to the right gear but that is all about experience. Some of sprinter like to grind more. Some of them like to spin more. I am myself more of a spinner. Spinner like i mean i've raced onto the track and the velodrome so when you're sprinting you're like rpm as goes up to 140 150. So i really like to spin, I feel that's more efficient for me, but maybe you're not like that. Maybe you want your power so you really want to get those watts up with slow pedal strokes, it's all up to you, it's all up to everyone to find the right technique.

I really hope all the tips i shared today will help you beat your friends into the next group ride into the sprint or even win a bike race so keep everything i said in mind practice your sprint. You're not going to get good at sprints if you don't practice. It's all about getting used to it and being comfortable and then develop the muscle fiber for them legs to push heavy watts. All right, that's it for today's though if you enjoyed please don't forget to leave a thumbs up subscribe if you aren't already have a lot more cycling content coming next few weeks that you don't want to miss out my name is charles and i will see you guys on the road or into the next video ! Peace :)

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